So the little monkey has hit the eight month mark!

She is growing so fast.

Too fast.

Yah, she really is this cute.

Her eight month birthday happened to fall on Valentine's Day.

Here is what she has been doing lately:

* Sleeping (partially) in her own bed.
* Eating lots of different baby foods (favs are bananas and fruits mixed with brown rice)
* Not crawling. Super close though. See here.
* She's a dancing queen. Loves it.
* She's a monkey. Even though she can't crawl, she's walking around holding onto things and pulling herself up onto everything. She loves to move by herself and gets mad when we try to help her.
* Sitting up from a laying down position. She rolls all over the place, too.
* Rocking on all fours.
* FOUR teeth.
* Somewhere around 22 pounds (next doctor visit at nine months).
* Wearing 12-18 month clothes.

She's such a big girl.

We've been having so much fun with her lately, and can't wait for her to continue learning new things and making us laugh.

P.S. Two-thirds of the way to a year old...sad face.

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