Last Week...

...Charley and I watched Turbo while Gracie worked out in the garage with Daddy.

...I noticed on the girls' school cameras that Grace's class was playing musical chairs on Tuesday. I got busy at work, and they were finished by the time I checked back. I told Isaac that I would've loved to see that, because she has such a "type A" personality and always gets what she wants. I could just imagine her pushing kids out of the way to snag the last chair. When I went to pick her up, her teacher gave her a lollipop. I asked her why only she was getting one, and Grace explained that she had won musical chairs! I totally saw that coming. She decided to share her sucker with sister on the way home. Once she let Charley taste it, Char was not going to give it back willingly. Grace was "over it", so I had to rescue it for her.

...we went to dinner at Lucille's with the Sebastians on Wednesday to celebrate J.J.'s first birthday. I brought some mini cupcakes, and the kids loved them. We sang "Happy Birthday", and Jameson ate his in one bite. Charley sat on Nick's lap and delicately ate tiny bites of frosting. Once they were all finished, they ran around The District like crazy people playing the air guitar and dancing all over the place. They had so much fun!

Happy Birthday, J.J.!!

...we played outside on Thursday, and Grace and Easton drove next to each other down the street. 

...we also had a gorgeous sunset at the end of the day that set the sky on fire.

...Friday was Jameson's Mickey Mouse birthday party. Shelly had a little area set up for the kids to decorate Mickey sugar cookies. It was so adorable. Charley walked around each person's area eating all of the sprinkles.

(Girlllll, you eating my sprinkles?!)

Once J realized that they were actually cookies, he was in heaven.

(Mickey Mouse Bowling)

After we played for a while, it was time for cake.

(Gahhh...he's just the cutest!)

...soon, the big kids had enough and ate Cheetos on the back porch.

...after the party, we all got ready to head to Town Square for Santa's Arrival Parade.

(J.J.'s cutest sweater ever that we got him for his birthday! I'm obsessed with the elbow patches.)

...we made it just in time! I didn't think it was much of a parade, but the kiddos had a blast watching all of the cop cars and fire trucks make their way down the street before Santa came.

...once Santa made his way to his house, they lit the big tree and made it snow! J.J. and Charley stayed with the Daddies while Shelly and I took the big kids to get a closer look. They had so much fun trying to catch snow and checking out the gigantic Christmas tree. There was an insane amount of people there, so we didn't stay too long after that.

...Saturday morning, we woke up early and got started on our Christmas tree. While I decorated the big one, the girls decorated their little Mickey tree from last year. When they finished, Charley helped me work on the big tree. She was fascinated with the ornaments.

...Tinkerbell worked out with Daddy again. It's one of her most favorite things to do.

...Charley ate a pouch in the bathroom. Whenever Grace has to go potty, Char likes to sit on her little potty next to her and keep her company. She's not quite ready to use it just yet, but we'll be working on that as soon as the holidays are over.

...that afternoon, we met all of the Espejo's at a portrait studio to get some updated family pictures. We were there for a long time, and Charley had to be distracted with snacks after a while. I can't wait to see how they all turn out!

...after pictures, we met Matt and Francesca for lunch at Grimaldi's. Charley obviously enjoyed the bread and marinara sauce.

...we went home for a nap and then headed over to my sister's for fight night. Chase loved hanging out with Uncle Isaac and the girls loved playing with their dogs. We gave them some carrots with ranch, and Char went crazy over the ranch. She's a saucy kind of gal (like mother, like daughter).

Grace fell asleep, and Char kept poking her hand so softly hoping she'd wake up to play. She gave in and played with baby Chase instead.

...Sunday morning we finished the tree. There is just something about a lit Christmas tree that makes me feel so warm and cozy inside. I love watching the girls stare at it in awe. the day went on, they managed to get out of their clothes. I swear these kids hate being dressed. Grace played with her Merida bow-and-arrows and shot anything and everything she could aim at.

Charley was more focused on her baby...

...and her Figaro vet set...

...and making phone calls.

...Char spotted sister laying on the couch next to Daddy and tackled her. They've started wrestling recently, and it's so funny to watch until one of them starts crying.

...we laid on the couch and watched movies and football simultaneously.

...Grace disappeared while Charley was napping on my lap and came back all decked out in Mommy's make-up. Doesn't she look beautiful?

I told her that she couldn't have anymore, and she said, "I just have to put my eyelashes on, and that's it. I promise!" Whatttt? I don't even wear eyelashes. I have no idea where she gets this stuff.

...Char hung out with Daddy while he watched the Bears game.

...we watched Rudolph over and over again. Pretty sure it's Gracie's new favorite.

See ya next time <3

P.S. This is my 500th blog post!! Considering the time and effort it takes to keep this thing going, I'd say that's a pretty gigantic milestone. I know the girls will love looking back on these memories someday, so I'll keep at it for now. Here's to another 500!

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