Last Week...

...the girls played with Daddy when he got home from work. They both always run to the door when they hear the lock turn, because he's the funnest!

...Grace Facetimed with Sookie.
...Char was the biggest snuggle bug ever and even fell asleep holding Mommy's hand.
...the girls made witch cupcakes at Grammy's on Wednesday.
...Charley is One-and-a-Half!
...we had an awesome Halloween with friends, family, and neighbors.
...Charley ate fruit snacks and came to sit by me so we could share. She's such a sweet girl.
...we spent a weekend up at our family cabin in Utah and had snow much fun.
...Gracie and Noah hung out in the front yard and talked about how mean their moms are...again.
...Shelly and I geared up for our 3-day Suja Juice Cleanse by making a trip to Whole Foods together to get all of our juices. I'm kind of excited/nervous/scared/anxious. We'll see how it goes.
That's all for this week! We had a lot of big events, so there wasn't much to write about in between.
See ya next time!

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