Last Week...

...the Bears played on Monday Night Football, so of course the girls had to wear their Bears gear to school.
...Charley fed Daddy Cheez-Its while he watched the game.
...I quit my juice cleanse after a bottle and a half. The first bottle wasn't delicious, but I got it down with no problem. The second one was actually kind of good, but half way through, I threw up all of it (at work nonetheless) and had the worst migraine everrrrr. I decided that I couldn't hang and ditched the juice for some Saltine crackers. Shelly made it way longer than I did. She got through a whole day-and-a-half! Whoop whoop!!
I have managed to avoid sugar since then, though, and that's a HUGE accomplishment in my book. My whole purpose for doing the cleanse was because it was supposed to reset your body to not crave sugar and starches. I get migraines a lot, and I have found that eating sugar totally brings them on. I figured after the cleanse, it would be easier to avoid the sugar. Instead, I just had to quit cold turkey and avoid it. So far, so good!
...Charley and Jameson hung out in the Cadi and even took it for a spin around the neighborhood, but not until they had the proper tunes blaring from the radio (I can see them doing this same thing in high school...t-r-o-u-b-l-e!).
...we had dinner at Teriyaki Madness where the girls devoured some chicken breast bowls and shrimp tempura.
...Isaac and I started drinking our morning shakes again and added Deeper Greens in this time. We're avoiding coffee (since it's mostly sugar creamer anyways) and trying to drink something healthy for breakfast instead.
...we met the Luks at O'Callaghan Park and had fun running around with them. Charley gave Hudson a flower, they had Pirate Booty snacks and juice boxes (thanks, Jess!), and the girls met a new puppy friend to chase. His name was Charlie!
(Grace says, "We're having a picnic!")
...after the park, we went to Claim Jumper for dinner where Isaac and I ate salads, Grace slept in the booth, and Charley ate as many carbs as she possibly could. The girls loves ranch, much like her momma.
...Charley went to bed early that night (food coma).
(Isn't she just the prettiest little sleepy girl?)
...Friday we went to Grimaldi's with the Sebastians. J.J. got down on some pizza, and Noah and Gracie shared some Oreo Cheesecake.
...I got this short but sweet video of the girls playing in bed when it was time to go to sleep.
...we got up early on Saturday and lounged around the house. Charley covered Daddy with stickers and colored while we watched The Amazing Spiderman (Grace's new favorite movie. She loves to go out in the living room at night with Daddy while I am putting Charley to sleep. They watch movies like this, and Grace thinks she's a big girl).

...Charley got the box of Honey Nut Cheerios out of the pantry and ate handful after handful of them.

...I went to meet Francesca to order my bridesmaid dress while Isaac took the girls over to his parents to celebrate Grandpa's birthday.

...Charley was obviously worn out, but still wanted to play outside with sister. After attempting a nap in their truck, Grace helped Charley drive it down the street.

...Grace took over and they had a blast riding around in circles on the corner. They love that they go so fast when going down the hill.


...the neighbors came outside to play, and Noah rode with Char on his lap. Afterwards he told me, "when Char was on my lap, I snuggled with her." This kid has the sweetest heart ever.

...we woke up and went to Marie Callendar's for breakfast on Sunday. Charley loves to color and had fun while we waited for our food.
...after breakfast, we headed to the car wash. The girls insisted on getting these new owls. They seriously have every single Ty Beanie Boo out there. It's rare that we find new ones that we don't already have at home.

...that afternoon, we played outside with the Sebastians. They colored the street like a rainbow, and then Charley got tired and picked out a nice spot for a nap.

...the girls watched movies on their iPad and played with their most favorite toys: felt sandwiches and wooden cookies. They love making Isaac and I snacks and dinner. Grace has asked for a "big kitchen" for Christmas. I told her she'd have to sit on Santa's lap and ask him to bring her one.

...when the early games were all over, we headed to Lucille's for lunch. Our family is obsessed with sweet tea and biscuits with butter.
...we hung out outside for a while so the girls could eat their suckers and people watch.

...back at home we watched more football and cleaned the house.

...Charley fell asleep with her binky in her hand instead of her mouth. When I took it, she moved her hands up under her little head.

That's all for now!
See ya next week :)

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