Last Week... {Nebraska Edition}

...we spent Monday evening outside so the girls could take a spin in the Cadi, ride their scooter, and practice pedaling around on the big wheel. elf made an appearance near our Christmas tree. The girls missed it, but luckily I got it on video to show them.

...Grace got a new beanie and insisted on wearing it all day long.

...we had dinner at Montesano's with Papa Allen and Ellie, and Charley got down on some sprinkle cookies.

...Char fell pretty hard and got a nice little bruised bump on her noggin.

...we caught a few more elves on the roof while Daddy was working on the Christmas lights.

...the girls had school pictures, so they got to wear their adorable new Christmas outfits to school on Thursday.

...we drove out to Grandma Sunshine's after school so Gracie could get her hair cut. We had about an hour before her appointment, so we stopped by Starbucks for some coffee and cake pops.

...before Grandma cut Grace's hair, she washed it. Grace was so funny sitting there with her legs crossed and eyes closed like she was in heaven. She is such a big girl now. We ended up cutting about two inches off. She still had some wispy baby curls at the bottom that were impossible to brush through unless she had just gotten out of the bath. It's much more manageable now.

...we got a lot of rain over a three day span, and the girls slept so peacefully while it poured down.

...Friday after work, I had an appointment to get my nails done. To top off my relaxing afternoon, it poured, and I sipped on a decaf, nonfat, no whip, salted caramel white mocha (try'll thank me later) as my amazing nail girl worked on my super cute nails (thanks, Tiff!).

...when I got home, the girls were all ready to snuggle in bed and watch movies, so I could pack all of our stuff for our flight to Nebraska the following morning.

...Saturday morning, it continued to pour as we left for the airport. Obviously, Las Vegas was super sad that we were leaving.

...we thought that the airport might be busy since Thanksgiving was that week, so we got there a little early. It took us about twenty minutes to get from the car to the gate, so we had time to stop for breakfast. After eating, the girls ran amuck through the airport with some other kids that were going to be on our flight and took breaks while watching the planes move around. We were thankful that they ran all of that energy out, because we had a three hour flight ahead of us. Charley napped almost the entire way, while Grace snacked and watched movies on her iPad before falling asleep herself.

...we made it to Omaha around two in the afternoon, and it was eighteen degrees out. SO cold!! After waiting for our rental car, we were finally on the road to Grandpa and Grandma Espejos. Soon after we arrived, aunts, uncles, and cousins began to roll in. We were so happy to see them all, and the girls had so much fun playing with them all afternoon.

...Grace managed to slam just the tip of her finger in the door, and it instantly swelled up all purple and black. It looked like a club at the top of her finger. The next morning it was completely back to normal.

...Sunday morning, we got up and got ready for the day. Charley hung out with me while I did my make-up.

...we headed out to Millard to see the house that Isaac and Zacarias lived in before they moved to Las Vegas. We also stopped by their old elementary school, Neihardt. Although it was ice cold, the girls wanted to play on the playground. It was so much fun and crazy to think that Isaac used to play on it twenty years ago!

...on the way home from Neihardt, we saw some big squirrels hanging out under some trees. Grace couldn't get enough of them. We don't have many of these back home.

...we went to the mall to do some shopping and rented the coolest stroller ever. I immediately thought of our besties back home and sent Shelly a picture to show the boys.

...we got some delicious popcorn that we took back to Grandma's, and the girls really enjoyed the confetti kind (I ordered some online as soon as we got back home. It was SO good!). They had more fun with their cousins and were all so cute together. It made me wish we lived closer to each other, because I remember playing with all of my cousins growing up, and seeing these girls all together was so sweet.

...Charley and Aliyah watched movies together.

...Charley held her baby cousin, Isabel. She was so tiny and adorable, and Char loved pointing out her eyes, nose, ears, and mouth.

... the girls were all playing in Grandma's bedroom, and I noticed that it got super quiet. When I went to check on them, they had all decided to go potty and were taking turns. It was too funny!

We had so much fun with everyone!

Stay tuned for more from our trip and a five generation Thanksgiving.

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