Snow Much Fun

It's been a while since we've gone up to our family's cabin in Utah. Since my cousin, Michaelee, was heading up there with her new gorgeous baby girl (and there was snow on the ground), we decided to make a weekend trip up there.
We got off work early on Friday, grabbed the girls from my grandparents' house, and made our way to Utah. We got lucky, and the girls napped most of the way up there.
We made it just before dinner, and I got to meet (and snuggle with) my beautiful 3-month-old cousin, Genevieve. Apparently, no one has been able to get her to take a pacifier at all. I worked my magic and had her sleeping with it in her mouth in no time. She's such a sweet girl, and has thee best hair! I just love her.
We spent the night catching up, hanging out, and watching movies down in the bunk room with the girls. They were super excited to be sleeping in the room with the bunk beds, and Grace loved climbing all over them.
We have fairies that live in the woods around the cabin. We were lucky enough to spot a couple glowing that night before bed, and Grace was obviously SO excited.
The next morning, we woke up ready for a fun-filled day. I got ready to get in the shower, and Grace insisted on getting in with me, so Charley watched Sofia the First while we got ready.

When we were all done, it was Char's turn. She had so much fun having the tub all to herself and kept laying down pretending to swim and making funny faces at us.
Finally, we were all ready to go, and all the girls wanted to do was watch Henry Hugglemonster and snack on Teddy Grahams.

When I finally got them upstairs, Charley hung out on the couch with Genevieve and they watched movies on the iPad while we all ate breakfast.

Daddy helped Papa Rick move some fire wood outside, and the girls noticed him riding around through the windows. Of course they wanted to hop on, too. Daddy took them around the yard a few times, and they squealed every time they went down the hill. They had a blast!

After their ride, they were all ready to play in the snow. Charley loved the sound of it crunching under her boots, while Grace loved making snow balls to throw at Daddy.



(We usually take our annual Christmas card picture at the cabin over Thanksgiving weekend. Since we won't be up there this year, we got it done this weekend! Hooray for being ahead of the game!)
The snow really wore the girls out, and they napped on the chairs in the living room.
When they were all ready to go again, we took a little hike up into the woods to try and find some fairies. Unfortunately, they were all out working, but we did get to take a good look at some of their houses and even stumbled upon their castle in the snow!

On the way back to the cabin, the girls were so cute dancing and twirling around. Grace was so protective over Charley and held her hand to make sure she didn't fall down in the mud and snow.


Best Big Sister Ever!
We snacked a little and made dinner while the girls napped again. When they woke up, Daddy was helping them get their colors out of the hutch when he found some sweet guns and head gear. The girls loved it and went crazy chasing each other around and pretending to shoot us all. It was so funny.

Soon, it was dinner time. After a delicious prime rib dinner complete with salad, potatoes, and my mom's famous sugar biscuits with homemade strawberry jam, we all got into our jammies and hung out by the warm fire. Papa shared some pumpkin pie with Charley, and the girls cuddled with Sookie on the floor.
The next morning, it was time to head home. I had to get a picture of Rick's new wine cellar. It's half wine cellar, half Jack Daniel's stock. For his fiftieth birthday, Rick got a single barrel of Jack Daniels flown in straight from the distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee (one of the most gorgeous places I've ever been). He had this room built just to hold all of his bottles. How awesome is that?
We said good-bye to our family and the cabin, and made our way home. The girls were cranky the whole way down the mountain until we reached Cedar City and got them some breakfast burritos and hot chocolate.

They were much happier after they ate, and fell asleep immediately. It made for a nice, quiet drive home.
Thanks for having us up there, mom! We had snow much fun :)
We can't wait to head back up to the cabin in December. I'm hoping there will be even more snow, so we can sled and build snowmen with the Sebastians!

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