Last Week...

...we spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday having a blast in Disneyland. If you haven't been for the holidays, I suggest you check it out, because it is so awesome!

...when we left Disneyland on Wednesday, we stopped by our besties' house on the way home. Gracie had fun teaching Jakson how to play peek-a-boo, and the girls read books with Kasie on the couch. They really miss having her around, because she always plays with them and they feel like she's their best friend (back off - she's mine!). We miss these guys so much, but I'm glad that we've been able to see each other every few weeks since they moved. Jakson is just the cutest and every time I see him I can't get over how much he's grown! We just love that little guy.

...the drive home was crazy, because we were either driving through heavy fog or intense rain the entire time. Thankfully, we made it home in one piece, but when we woke up the next morning, the fog had followed us home.

...I spent Thursday morning wrapping Christmas presents, and the girls helped.

...I had to go into work for a couple of hours to finish up payroll, and the fog seemed to be all over the valley. It's pretty rare to have this type of weather in Vegas., of course, I stopped by the store to make a huge pot of chili. After it cooked all afternoon, it made the perfect dinner.

...Friday, we took the girls to lunch and to see Big Hero 6 at the Galaxy Theaters. It was such a cute movie, and the girls loved watching it in the "big, comfy chairs".

...that night, we went ice skating at The Cosmopolitan with Allison and Alex. It was such a cool environment, because they put the rink over their pool on the fourth floor that overlooks the strip. It also snowed every half hour, we had the yummiest pierogies, made s'mores around our own fire pit, and even had Olaf hot chocolates made with Nutella. I can't wait to do this every year with the girls, because it was so much fun. They had these orange sea lions that the kids could either hold on to while they skated or ride on and be pushed around. The girls did a little of both and kept wanting to go back for more.

...Toodles really missed us while we were gone and made sure to stay close to the girls at all times.

...our Elf on the Shelf, Clarabelle, arrived Saturday morning and brought the girls a brand new kitchen table. Isaac and Matt made them a picnic table a couple of months back, but kids spill a lot. The table had spaces in between the wood, and that made for a crazy messy kitchen floor. We moved it into the backyard to use out there when the weather is nice, so Isaac and I were especially excited for this gift. 

...we had an appointment to go see Santa at Mikel's, and he didn't disappoint. Chase had an appointment around the same time, so Mikel took a picture on his Polaroid of them all together with Santa, which was hilarious. The girls picture turned out adorable, as always, and they had fun donating presents to kids in need by their Christmas tree. (How awesome that the sitting fee is a donated toy? We just love this tradition!) Santa was so busy reading to the girls and laughing with them, that they forgot to tell him what they wanted. Luckily, they saw him in Disneyland a few days before, but just in case he forgot, Grace waved to him and yelled as we walked out the door, "I want a vanity!".

...when we got home, I enjoyed a yummy cup of hot chocolate and listened to Christmas music.

...the girls came back downstairs and announced, "Elsa and Anna are coming". They feel the need to announce everything since we've returned from Disneyland. They asked if we would like a picture with them, and posed so sweetly. They kept bringing different things down and announcing them, and then switched up their costumes and came down as different princesses for us to take pictures with. They're too much.

...we dropped Grace and Charley off at Grammy and Papa's, so they could go watch the Parade of Lights with them at the lake.

...while the girls were with them, Isaac and I hosted some clients at the suite for the NFR. We had some extra tickets, so we also brought Matt, Frannie, Carole, Todd, and Elisha. We all had a blast, and when we went to pick the girls up afterwards, Grace had drawn me an amazing unicorn.

(See the giant horn on his head? He's a unicorn, mom!)

...Sunday morning, Clarabelle hid ten candy canes and left a note for the girls to find them.

...we snuggled on the couch and watched Prep and Landing and Prep and Landing: Naughty vs. Nice over and over and over on rotation.

...Char snacked on go-gurts while she propped herself up between the ottoman and couch.

...after we got dressed, we went to Town Square to do some shopping. We stopped in the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for coffees and to grab some croissants to feed the birds - one of the girls favorite things to do at Town Square. Charley made sure to bring her new driver's license, because she can't go anywhere without it nowadays. It was awesome, because there was next to no one around.

...after we shopped, the girls played in the park for a while before we left. Charley was hilarious searching for Grace through the maze (maybe one of my favorite videos ever), and Gracie finally went down the fireman pole with a little help from Daddy.

...Isaac's cousin posted this picture of him and Zacarias as kids. I couldn't get over how much Charley looks just like him (and her uncle Zac, too!).

...we made grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup for lunch, and Char sang Turn Down for What.

...we went to Wahoo's for dinner and stopped to see some Christmas lights on the way home. The houses off of Pacific never disappoint!

That's all for now. See ya next week :)

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