It's Raining, It's Pouring {in Disneyland!}

Tuesday morning was a little rainy, so we switched Char's seat around, so the girls could get a little cover while we walked to Goofy's Kitchen for breakfast.

We only had to wait a few minutes before Goofy was ready for us. Charley loved him and gave him a big kiss on the nose when we said good bye.

As soon as we sat down to eat, Minnie came over to greet us.

Charley was having so much fun and kept making the silliest faces saying "this looks like Minnie" and "this looks like Chip and Dale". Chip came by first and the girls gave him the biggest hugs.

Then, Charley started making faces like Goofy and Pluto. I have no idea where she got this from. Pluto was the best and spent a lot of time pretending to smell the girls' food and tickle them with his whiskers.

Dale came by while I was getting my breakfast, so Daddy was in charge of the picture taking.

As soon as I came back, the characters did a little parade through the restaurant and danced right by our table.

Chip and Dale came by once more time before we left.

I was a little surprised that there weren't more characters there, but I guess these are the only ones that frequent Goofy's Kitchen these days. The girls still loved it, so it was worth it anyways.

As we made our way to Disneyland, mom was waiting in line for fast passes to see Elsa and Anna. She got there at 8:30 and by the time she got our passes they were for 6:00 that night. So crazy! It started raining harder, so we ran into Pinnochio's Daring Journey for some cover. Unfortunately, the ride broke down as soon as we got to the front.

We decided to go on Snow White's Scary Adventures, but made a pit stop for some umbrellas and ponchos first.

After Snow White, we rode Peter Pan's Flight. I don't remember ever going on this one before, and it was pretty cool.

Before heading back to the Pinocchio ride, Grace attempted to remove the Sword from the Stone.

This time we made it on the ride before it broke down when we got to the end.

Grace was excited when we told her that we were heading back to New Orleans Square and wanted to put her Christmas ears on for a picture with Jack Skellington. He wasn't out that day since it was raining, so we went on Pirates of the Caribbean instread.

We had lunch reservations at Wine Country Trattoria to get our special World of Color seating, so we went back to California Adventure and caught Mickey singing his Christmas carols again.

At lunch, we all enjoyed a warm cup of coffee since it was wet and rainy.

We also got the most delicious tray of desserts.

After lunch, we had to buy Gracie some new shoes, because her boots were soaking wet. Surprisingly, Char's Minnie moccasins were holding up pretty well in the rain.

We just happened to see Santa sitting there with no line at all, so we went in for a visit with him. Grace told him how she wanted a vanity and Charley asked for a new baby doll. He told them he would see what he could do and gave them each a candy cane.

As we made our way over to Monsters, Inc, Mike and Sulley to the Rescue!, we were literally skipping through the rain. We've never been to Disneyland when it was raining before, and we still managed to have a great time.

Mom and I took the girls to Flik's Flyers in a Bug's Land, while Papa and Daddy went on some big kid rides.

After we were completely soaked, we went back to the California Grand to sit by the fire and enjoy some hot cocoa with rumchata.

The boys decided to go hit up Space Mountain and the Star Wars ride, and stopped for ice cream.

We met them back in the park after we dried off in mom's hotel room. It was time to meet Elsa and Anna, but the girls were fast asleep in their stroller. Mom and I waited in line while they slept.

As soon as we got to the front, we woke the girls up. They were not having it. Charley cried and Grace wouldn't even look at them. (She was really upset about this the next day.) To top it off, my camera lens kept fogging up because of all the rain.

At least mom and I had fun chatting with them. Of course, by the time we got back to the hotel, the girls were wide awake and watched movies before bed. We bought Home Alone for their iPads and enjoyed a cozy night in our hotel room before another busy day in the park.

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