Last Week...

...we finally got all of the lights finished on the outside of our house on Monday after work. It only took five weeks to complete it, but the kids were excited with the results. Especially since they could look out their bedroom window and see them. We add a little more each year, so this year, we outlined the upstairs windows and put our J-O-Y letters in the front. It's so fun to come home at night and see all of the bright lights. addition to the outside, I finished getting everything put together on the inside as well. Our tree has been up for weeks, but I added presents and some new decor around the rest of the house.

...I also added our Christmas card picture to this year's ornament. I love having all of these on our tree to admire how our family has grown. Some of them are recordable, and it's so fun to listen to baby Grace babble "mama" and hear her belt out, "Merry Christmas" the following year.

...Char passed out in Mommy and Daddy's bed after all the extra Christmas excitement.

...I got my nails done all Christmas-y, and I couldn't love them more. How freaking cute are these?! 

(Tiffani always out does herself.)

...we also got a little rain.

...Wednesday, we skipped dance class, because Grace got this crazy cough with little random attacks. There was no way she would make it through dance class, so we met up with Poppa Allen and played outside in the cool air instead (Dr. Vu says this helps).

...poor Grace Face relaxed on the couch and watched Guardians of the Galaxy while we got dinner ready.

...Thursday, Grace and Char brought home some pictures from school. Grace is doing really well with colors and counting, and showed off her skills with this gumball machine. She got to take her turkey footprint off the wall and bring it home, and Char made a robot with shapes.

...we went to Buca di Bepo for Allison's birthday dinner on Monday, and Chase hung out with Auntie while we waited for our food.

...Saturday morning, we got some breakfast burritos and the girls brought Buzz, Woody, Jessie, and Bullseye along. 

...they snuggled in bed with Toodles while watching Elf.

...Grace hung out in front of her floor heater after bath time and looked so cute in her elephant towel.

...we got all dressed up and had a blast at the Christmas party. My sister, Andrea, even came in town for it, and it was so good to spend some time with her.

...Chase ate a sandwich before he got his fancy suit on.

...then he hung out with Auntie upstairs in the pool cabana. He was really excited to play pool with the boys, but they wouldn't let him, so I squished his sweet cheeks instead.

...we enjoyed the lights and had a few drinks.

...the girls spent most of their time dancing in front of the live band, but they also got in a few games.

...we also got to spend some time with our best friends (and some of our most favorite people ever). Jakson was so handsome in his cute little hat, and we had so much fun hanging out with the Cantors, Unertls, and Gerfys.

...Sunday morning, we made gingerbread houses with the girls. They were already pre-made, so all I had to do was give them the candy and icing, and let them do all the work. They loved decorating them and sneaking pieces of candy in between. I'd say they did a pretty good job.

(OK, I helped a little.)

...they wrestled after getting all hopped up on candy.

...Auntie Andrea brought over their quilts that she made them for Christmas, and Charley fell in love with hers right away.

...we met the family to go ice skating again at the Cosmopolitan. Once again, we had a blast, drank hot cocoa, and made s'mores. The girls did a little better on the ice skates this time around and had fun flying with Daddy.

...we also checked out Ethel M's cactus garden full of Christmas lights. The girls always love coming here to see all of the beautiful decorations.

...finally, we made our way to Quiver Point to check out their lights. It really is the coolest street ever.

...Charley obviously loved this part. The Toy Story themed room was so awesome and on point.

Christmas is in full swing around here. See you next week :)

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