See Ya Real Soon! {Disneyland: Day Three}

Wednesday morning we woke up to more rain at Disneyland. We headed to the park a little early and waited in line to enter. The girls loved the Frozen themed entrance to the park.

We stopped for a delicious breakfast, complete with hot cocoa in Mickey mugs, at Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe.

After breakfast, we were heading to the castle, when we spotted Mickey and Minnie in their adorable holiday sweaters. It had stopped raining, so the girls and I booked it over to the short Minnie Mouse line, while Daddy waited in line for Mickey.

After we talked to Minnie for a bit, we went to join Daddy in front of the huge Christmas tree on Main Street. Mickey was so awesome and hugged and kissed the girls over and over again. I think Christmas Mickey is my favorite!

As we walked towards the castle, we noticed some staffers waiting outside the Royal Hall and had to ask if it was open, since there was no one in line at all. They let us right in, and the first thing we saw was Princess Minnie. The girls loved her!

Next up was Snow White, who spent a lot of time talking to them, since there was no else around.

Finally, we saw Ariel. Charley asked her again where Eric was, and Grace talked to her all about Flounder and Sebastian. It was so funny. 

We headed back out into the drizzling rain and bought the girls their own umbrellas in case it started pouring again. Gracie loved walking around the park with hers, so of course, Charley had to follow suit.

The rain stopped again just in time for us to go on The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Last year, this one kind of scared the girls, but this year, they were fearless and loving everything.

As we got off the ride, Tigger and Eeyore were waiting nearby. Grace and Char LOVED them last year, so they were super excited to see them standing there.

Before, when we were walking to the Winnie the Pooh ride, Isaac asked Grace if she wanted to go on Splash Mountain with him. We watched it a couple of times, and the conversation went a little something like this:

Daddy - Grace, look how fun that is. Do you want to go on it with me? You're finally big enough for the big girl rides!
Grace: Nope. I'm not going on that one.
Me: Let's go on Winnie the Pooh, and you can think about it.
Daddy: Maybe you'll change your mind, and we can go on it.
Grace: I'm not changing my mind. When I say "no" it means "no".

As we passed the entrance to Splash Mountain after seeing Tigger and Eeyore, Isaac said, "Oh, Grace this is a cooler Winnie the Pooh ride. She excitedly ran onto it with him, since again, there were no lines anywhere in the park. Charley and I waited in front of the waterfall to catch a glimpse of them riding down it. She played with her umbrella and looked so sweet.

Meanwhile, Daddy filmed the whole ride for me. I have never liked this ride and remember my dad dragging me on to it when I was a kid. I'll have to get a copy of the picture and post it in the weekly update. I HATED it.

Char and I waited for Daddy and Gracie to come back off the ride. By the time Grace got back to me, she was saying how much she loved it and wanted to go again. We'll see if she follows through next year and actually goes willingly.

We just happened to spot Winnie the Pooh joining Tigger and Eeyore after their break, so we went to see them one last time.

(I just love how Char is holding her hand in this one.)

Daddy told Grace that she could get something in Pooh Corner after Splash Mountain. She picked out a huge, soft Thumper, and Charley got a baby Winnie the Pooh that she instantly fell in love with.

We took the train to Toon Town, and Char would only hold Daddy's hand if Pooh was in the middle. It was the cutest thing.

We walked through Chip 'n Dale's Tree House, Donald's Boat, and Goofy's Playhouse where the kiddos had so much fun crawling through watermelons and sliding down the slide.

We stopped to drive a Toon Town car before heading over to Mickey's house.

Mickey's house was decorate so cute for the holidays. He even had a tree and a train lit up in his front yard.

Minnie's house was even cuter, and the girls played with her tea set on her back porch before we checked out the rest of Toon Town.

We were bummed that the tea cups were closed due to the rain, but we had fun posing for pictures in one anyways.

We made the traditional stop for pictures in front of the castle that was extra beautiful with the snow and holiday decor.

We decided to head over to California Adventure and admired the Christmas fanciness one last time before leaving Disneyland.

We ran into Pluto on our way out. Something about the Christmas-yness of the characters makes them that much more fun to greet.

Inside California Adventure, we ran into Mickey singing Christmas carols for the third day in a row. That never got old.

We made our way down the pier to the Games of the Boardwalk where the girls won more stuffed animals that we don't need. They were so proud of the fish that they "caught".

We had fun waiting in line for the swinging gondola on Mickey's Fun Wheel.

Grace snapped a picture of herself while the camera was hanging around my neck. Goofy girl.

I'm not really sure how they talked me into going on the swinging one, because we always do the stationary gondolas, due to my irrational fear of everything. (I have been finding that as I grow older, my fears: heights, water, certain foods, etc. - have been declining.) Charley thought it was hilarious to torture me by saying thinks like, "Mommy, it's gunna flip over!". It's crazy to me how little fear this girl has.

We rode the Monster's Inc. ride one more time, and Isaac and I enjoyed coffees while the girls napped in their stroller. Since it started to sprinkle again, it was the perfect time to head to Turtle Talk with Crush. When we entered The Disney Animation Building, Woody and Buzz were finishing up inside. That made Charley's day. Even though we didn't get a picture with them, seeing them was all she cared about.

After hanging out with Crush, we grabbed some turkey legs and watched the tree lighting ceremony.

After a long, exciting, fun-filled, exhausting, thrilling, amazing three days, we decided that we would drive home that night instead of in the morning. This way, we could wake up in our own home and enjoy the next four days of our vacation relaxing.

Thanks again, Disneyland, for giving us such great memories! We already can't wait to come back (see ya real soon!).

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