Last Week...

...Monday we had some errands to run after school, so the girls snacked on Sonic corn dogs and Ocean Waters in the car. Grace got a batman mask in her Kid's Meal and thought it was so cool! 

...we watched Prep and Landing a hundred times that night.

...the girls snacked on pouches in bed. I'm pretty sure most parents have this same problem: my kids are never super hungry at dinner time and will only nibble a few bites of their food (unless it's grilled cheese, mac and cheese, or cheese quesadillas - they like cheese and will eat it all up). Then at bed time, they say they're starving. My initial instinct was to tell them, "too bad! You should have eaten your dinner.", but then I decided that I would allow them to eat one pouch. At least then they are getting fruits and/or veggies in instead of crackers or fruit snacks or whatever else happens to be sitting in the pantry at the time. I can't even believe they will still eat these things, but they have always loved them, so, for now, that's what they are allowed to have before bed.

...we had Lucille's for dinner, and they colored away while waiting for our delicious food.

...we had dance class on Wednesday, and, since we missed the week before, we didn't know that it was pajama day. We also had their Christmas program at school that night, so I just happened to have their PJ's in the car. They were excited to change into them for the rest of the day. They had so much fun in dance class reading and practicing the Nutcracker. Charley continues to crack me up, although she is definitely participating more and getting better. Grace always loves it and has a blast with all of the other girls.

(I love this picture of Char and Miss Cherity! She is so sweet, and we just love her.)

...after dance class, we stopped at Wahoo's for the fastest dinner ever, and then headed back to school for the girls' Christmas program. They were so cute in their matching PJ's and slippers. We got there a little early, because we also wanted to watch Presley sing her Christmas songs. She wasn't really feeling it, but we were still happy to see her. Grace and Char had us all cracking up, running around the school like they owned the place.

...eventually, it was Char's turn. She didn't help her class sing the songs, but she was back to her crazy, happy self when she got Oreo's afterwards.

...Grace's class was up next. She started off in the back, but ended up in the front practically directing the thing. This girl is a star in the making. Shelly said it best - future cheer captain, right here.

...when we got home, Char sang Rudolph for me, and it was adorable.

...Friday night, we went to Grimaldi's and Krispy Kreme with Allison and Alex. Obviously, it was delicious, and Charley loved eating only the frosting and sprinkles off of her doughnut.

...on the way home, we stopped by this awesome house to check out their lights. They had it synced to Let it Go, and the girls LOVED it. Grace said she's asking Papa Rick for one of these for Christmas next year.

...she and Charley watched Home Alone on their iPad when we got home.

...Saturday morning, we met up with the Sebastians at the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. We try to do this together every year, because the kiddos love it. It was amazing, as usual, but we found out that it is getting harder and harder to get a picture of the five of them all looking and/or smiling. Our goal was to get one similar to the one we took the first time we came here. We had fun checking everything out, and especially enjoyed watching the chocolate fountain that Grace and Charley were trying to figure out how to get in to.

(TWO YEARS AGO - Wittle Babies!!)

...we went to Town Square for lunch afterwards and had the most delicious Eggs Benedict I've ever had at Brio. Charley, of course, enjoyed her mac and cheese.

...that night, we went to my Great Aunt Bonnie's 80th birthday party across town. We got to enjoy the most beautiful sunset as we drove. phone was dead, and I didn't get many pictures, but we had so much fun with all of our family. Charley and Grace had a blast with their cousins, and spent the night playing with all of the balloons.

...Sunday, we went to see The Nutcracker at The Smith Center with my mom and sisters. The girls were so excited and loved every bit of it. Charley made it almost to the very end before falling asleep in her usual fashion. This has become an annual tradition for us, and I love it more each time. Especially now that I can enjoy it with both of my girls! Thanks again, Mom!!

...Isaac hung out with Presley and taught her how to flex while we were at the show.

Another busy week in the books. I'm guessing it's only going to get busier with Christmas and New Years approaching quickly.

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