Last Week...

...Gracie's Halloween costume came in the mail, and she was so excited to try it on. Then, Charley decided she had to try it on, too. Then, we went to a Halloween store, and Grace saw the cutest Elsa dress and decided that she and Char would be Elsa and Anna instead. So much for the Spider-man costume that I already bought. I guess we can add it to their dress up corner.

...Isaac played with the girls while I took a much needed bath. We have super hard water here, so if we don't use our hot water very often in a specific faucet, the cartridge jams up, and we have to replace it. This has happened numerous times over the years. Since we moved the girls upstairs, we haven't really used our tub very often. When I went to take a bath, there was no hot water, so I had to sneak upstairs and use the spare bathroom's tiny tub instead. It was still relaxing, and I enjoyed every second of it. Although, now we'll have to replace that cartridge in another month or so, as well. It's never ending around here, folks.

...Tuesday we had taco night. (This looks delicious, so tonight might have to be Monday taco night!)

...the girls slept peacefully, and I wondered if Charley was dreaming that she was an angel or something.

...Char played with Toodles while Gracie drew us tons of pictures of our family, including this sweet one of her and Charley.

...Friday was pajama day at school, and the girls looked adorable in their new Halloween jammies.

...Grace insisted on taking some pictures without Charley. Here she goes posing again. 

...we picked the girls up early from school and headed up to the cabin around noon on Friday.

...Char snacked on doughnuts and looked cuter than ever with her big 'ol brown teddy bear eyes.

...we saw a weird looking rainbow (it was kind of flat across the sky) while driving, and as we got further, we noticed that it was a double rainbow with one being on the ground. So weird! I had never seen that before.

...the drive up Cedar Mountain was amazing with all of the yellow, orange, and red trees that were changing colors for fall.

...we finally arrived at the cabin and relaxed on the patio while it rained some more.

(I can't get over this picture. Grace looks sixteen here.)

...the girls played on the tractor with Papa and fed apples to the horses. started raining again, so they ran back inside.

...we got ready to go drive around and look for deer, and the girls wore their deer sweaters.

...Grace and Papa went in the back to get the car ready, and Char wasn't too happy that they left her.

...she did look absolutely adorable in her Baby Elle Apparel turban, though.

...Grace got to practice her driving skills.

...the next morning we woke up to a fog covered mountain.

...the girls got ready for the day and played out front. Charley found some new head wraps that had been delivered to the office Friday and refused to take this black one off. She cried when I tried to put it away, so I just conceded and let her wear it. started pouring when we were back inside.

...we spent most of the day painting while it rained It was so gorgeous and peaceful and relaxing and amazing.

...the hail was crazy and almost looked more like snow and the thunder was super loud. 

...Char thought she was so funny sliding around the wood floors in my boots.

...she watched movies once she was over the painting party.

...Grace made the cutest skeleton, and the rest of us made B-O-O letters for our houses. They turned out so cute!

...that night, as the rain continued, the girls slept so peacefully, and I admired their awesome lashes as they snoozed.

...we headed home extra early Sunday morning to catch the football games, and the girls had a tickle fight in the car once they woke up.

...Grace sang, while I watched the Titans get their butts kicked. At least she provided some comic relief. I love the way Char just kept clapping for her.

...we played out in the backyard since it was finally nice and cool outside. I've been slowly ordering the girls boots for fall/winter (and may have gone a little overboard), and Charley tries to wear them every single morning. I haven't let her yet, because it's still too hot, so she was stoked that I let her wear them outside to play that afternoon.

...the girls played hide-and-go-seek out front.

...Isaac and I got some of our Halloween decorations up.

That's all for now! See you next week :)

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