Last Week...

...Grace and Charley played Disneyland (which quickly turned into a circus) where Grace was the waiting princess, and Charley waited in line to come greet her. When Charley didn't play along as Grace had hoped, she sent her back to start over. They had me cracking up.

...Char was her usual crazy self while we hung around the house Monday morning as Isaac and I had the day off for Labor Day.

...we spent the afternoon at the Cantor's house barbecuing and spending a final dinner with some of the best friends we've ever had. Jeremy and Kasie moved to California the next morning. We were so sad, heartbroken, and devastated, proud, excited, and grateful all at the same time. We love you guys so much! Life isn't the same without you here, but we know you'll do big things out there, and we can't wait to visit. Gracie took this the hardest, which was completely unexpected. She cried the whole night and was still sad the next day. She kept saying, "I don't want Kasie to move away!" We didn't either, but we know it was a great move for their family, and we promised to stay close and visit lots! Tuesday after school, Gracie wanted to make a video to send to Kasie to tell her that she was ok.

...we had some gorgeous sunsets!

...the girls and I made Jell-o desserts. My dad used to make me these when I was a kid, and I've never been able to get them perfect like his.

...we also made chocolate pudding. Nothing beats warm, freshly made, chocolate pudding with whipped cream on top. Except for maybe Jason's Deli's chocolate pudding (go get some, now!).

...Charley has become quite the little bookworm, and insists on reading every time she rides in the car.

...the girls continued snuggle camp in their bed after a long day of school/work, dinner, and errands. We didn't get home until 8:30!

...Friday, Grandma Sunshine picked them up from school for a sleep over. The girls had a blast playing at the park, getting mani/pedi's at Grandma's salon, and spending some quality time with her and Papa Craig.

...Isaac and I celebrated our FIFTH wedding anniversary. Love this guy so much!

...Saturday afternoon, we drove to Mesquite to see Uncle Zacarias graduated from their Fire and Rescue program. Daddy brought Gracie some new princess dolls, and she refused to let them go the entire drive, even while she napped.

...the whole family made the drive to see Zac graduate and officially become a fire fighter. He has been working towards this goal for so long, and we couldn't be more proud of him. All of the sacrifices he's been making were truly worth it. He finally made it! We had fun hanging out with everyone and watching his ceremony. He was even chosen by his fellow graduates to give the class speech (you know I included a video). Stef got to pin him with his official badge, and we all cried a bit. So, so proud! We love you, Zacarias!!

...that night, Gracie wanted a picture of her sleeping with her new princesses. Obviously, she's not the best fake sleeper.

...the next morning was the first football Sunday of the season, and we couldn't have been more excited. The girls woke up ready to rumble and played with their princess barbies while we made breakfast (our traditional football Sunday orange cinnamon rolls...a must).

...finally, it was game time. The girls did a lot to entertain themselves while Daddy and I watched our teams play. They made a horse riding station (Grace's words), danced with Elsa and Anna, and walked around in Mommy's high heels. There were lots of shouts of "go, go, go" and "c'mon Jakey" throughout the morning.

...fortunately, the Titans won! They played so well, and completely took me by surprise (unfortunately that didn't continue through the next week. Boo!). After the games, we played outside.

...our ten year high school reunion was also this weekend. We weren't able to attend the dinner/drinks portion Saturday night, so we made sure to meet up with everyone at the park on Sunday. The girls had fun playing with their friend, Sophie, and we had fun catching up with old friends.

Another crazy week around here! 

Happy football season to all of my fellow fans, and GO TITANS!!

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