Last Week...

...Monday the girls spent the day with Grandma Espejo. Apparently, they had an amazing time.

...they were pooped when they came home and spent the whole afternoon watching movies in my bed.

...Daddy was still in Nebraska and got to visit with Isabel. I was so jealous, because she is the cutest little teddy bear baby that increases my baby fever by a gazillion ever time I see a new picture of her.

...he went to a steak dinner with Aunt Susie and Uncle Mike where they had the biggest steaks ever.

...the girls FaceTimed with him before bed. Can I just say thank goodness for FaceTime? We were able to see Daddy every night, which made him being gone for a week a little easier.

...he hung out with Ashley and Kadi and had a blast with them.

...Charley was really missing Daddy after talking to him, and she wouldn't let me take my hand away from her. 

...Gracie practiced writing her name in shaving cream at school.

...we practiced her sight words and the girl is doing so good. She must have gotten my photographic memory. Let's hope Char got it, too!

...we had tacos for dinner at Poppa and Grandma's since Daddy was gone. Grace enjoyed the black olives the most.

...I bought an essential oil diffuser from our friend and put it in the girls' room with some Serenity oil in it. I went out in the living room to watch Sons of Anarchy (it was Teller Tuesday) and thought it was weird that they weren't coming to bug me every ten minutes or so. When I went in to check on them, they were passed out! They have never put themselves to bed EVER. I was so excited that I bought another diffuser for downstairs with a few more oil blends to try out. I happily texted Isaac about my new found obsession. He's been calling me the voodoo doctor ever since. I must also say that I got some Past Tense oil, and I rub some on my temples whenever I feel a headache coming on. I haven't gotten a migraine in weeks. That stuff is straight from heaven!

...while the girls slept, Toodles watched Sportscenter and had a ball chasing the words that were scrolling across the bottom of the screen.

...I moved Grace to the other side of the bed, so I could lay down, and the girls rolled into this position. Gahhh...I love them so much!!

...Gracie's teacher added some fall decor to the classroom and put their names on their cubbies in the cutest way possible.

...since Grace is in Accelerated Pre-K now, we can't just go in to get her. Char and I wait for a few minutes until she gets out at 3:30, and I couldn't get over how big she looked waiting for her big sis in the hallway.

...Auntie Allison took us out for ice cream. (Thanks, Al!)

...Daddy got to spend a few hours with Papa Taylor in Nebraska. I'm so happy he was able to see him and spend that quality time with him while he was back there. We love him so much!

...the cousins got together for a group shot after Grandma Jennie's beautiful service. new iPhone came in, and we tested out the new time lapse setting. It's pretty fun!

...Daddy finally came home, and, of course, he brought the babies some princess presents. After a few minutes, Grace told him, "Dad, we already have enough toys. We don't need anymore, and we should give some to the kids that don't have any toys." I was very surprised to hear that coming from a four-year-old. Must be doing something right.

...the girls have been making beds on the floor from all the throw pillows on the couch to watch their movies every afternoon.

...Auntie Allison came over, and we made some "Trick or Treat" signs for our houses. So fun and they turned out super cute!

...the girls continued putting themselves to bed...three nights in a row!

...I told Grace to get her shoes on so we could leave and then found her like this.

...she kept telling me that her friends at school call her "Pinky". I asked her why, and she said, "look at me!".

...we met Matt and Francesca at Rachel's Kitchen for lunch where Grace wore her adorable new shirt "I'd Copy Me Too" which is so perfect for her. She's absolutely the queen of posing and her hands hit her hips every time she sees a camera. Grace and I walked to meet everyone else at lunch, an older woman stopped us and asked if I'd mind if she gave Grace a dollar for her piggy bank, because "she is just the cutest little thing". That totally made Grace's day.

...after lunch we went bowling. Charley loved being able to do it by herself after Grace taught her how. Isaac somehow managed to get a million strikes, and then we ended up in the arcade where he and Matt were so serious about their mission. Us girls passed the time in the photo booth.

(More fun with my new camera settings. This is awesome!)

...Charley watched her new favorite show Bo On the Go.

...Grace tried to explain how Daddy makes his special popcorn but didn't get the recipe quite right.

...she talked Daddy into making her some to show her how.

...the girls love when I tickle them. I have no idea why. Who actually likes to be tickled?

...another night of falling asleep on their own. Whoop Whoop!

...Daddy taught Char how to play Flappy Bird, and we were cracking up when she died immediately every time.

...the girls tried getting Daddy to give them a ride, but he was exhausted from his busy week.

Phew! See you next time <3

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