Last Week...

...Monday afternoon we did some grocery shopping at Whole Foods, and the girls each wanted their own mini-cart.

...Uncle Elijah came over with Ashley and then Grandpa and Grandma Espejo stopped by, too. Charley serenaded them with Frozen songs.

...I got my nails done Tuesday with a hint of Valentine's Day.

(That pink, though!)

...We had a play date scheduled with the Luks, but it was windy and chilly at the park, so we went to their house instead. The kiddos had a blast, and Charley fell in love with Hudson's Buzz Lightyear wings.

...we used our Omaha Steaks gift card from Grandma Sally, and the steaks were delivered with dry ice. The girls had a blast playing with it while it melted.

...we kept it healthy with a Mahi Mahi dinner that night.

...the girls did the Hokey Pokey at Poppa and Grandma's on Thursday.

...Char finally got to be Elsa (Grace usually hogs this one).

...we watched Book of Life while we waited for Daddy to get home.

...the girls held hands in the car on the way to dinner, and kept saying, "Look at us Mommy!".

...we ate at Memphis Barbecue with Auntie Allison and Alex.

...Obviously, Charley isn't trying to eat healthy, lower calorie foods. She demanded two bowls of her favorite mac and cheese.

...she must be going through a growth spurt, because the next morning, she also wanted her own croissant. Usually, she and Gracie will share one.

...the girls started at their new dance studio on Friday. We liked the other one, but they were pretty unorganized in class and in the administrative side (for example: they told me that we owed all this money for their costumes, but they didn't know what they looked like, and never even told us that there would be a recital until the money was due), and it was difficult to sit there for two hours with two young kids, so they could both go to their classes. This new studio is amazing. They had pictures of the costumes for their recital, which was already set up, and the monthly fees are less, even though it's a higher quality studio. Charley's class is only half an hour, which suits a two year old much better than an hour long class, and it's more geared towards the little kids. Grace's teacher is awesome. She is so structured and really wants the kids to learn the proper way to stand and move and LEARN. I am definitely happy with our choice to move, and the fact that their classes overlap and we are only there for an hour is an added bonus!

...Charley wore her Ariel costume around the house when we got home.

...the girls got up and got their own cereal on Saturday morning. When did they get so big?!

...I put an oil diffuser downstairs. We use the upstairs one constantly, but since we've been cooking at home, we're downstairs more. Doterra Elevation is one of my fav oils to diffuse, because it makes the house smell amazing and fresh.

...Grace got her hair trimmed by Grandma Sunshine, and it's still this long.

...the girls passed out while we went to meet Matt and Frannie at Town Square for lunch.

...they enjoyed the warm sunshine. This winter has been beautiful.

...we did a little shopping before we all migrated to the outlet mall to do some more shopping. The girls got their first pair of True Religion jeans, and Matt and Daddy went crazy in the Under Armour store.

...a little later, the Sebastians met us at the Thomas and Mack for the Rebel game. The girls finally got to meet Hey Reb, and they had so much fun watching the game with their besties.

...after the game, the kids ran across the top of the stairs forever. They raced, did push-ups, and then took a break.

(Are you kidding me?!)

...Sunday morning, we all met up at the park, and this time, Allison, Alex, and Lola came, too. We had Friendly's Donuts and played catch with a frisbee and football for a while.

...the kids went up the hill and collected pine cones and climbed trees.

...Allison and Alex went to grab a volleyball, so we played that in the sand pits while the kids played together, and Grace took pictures.

...Grace and Noah played frisbee when we were all tired out from playing volleyball.

...after spending all morning (and part of the afternoon) at the park, we were all exhausted and Grace napped for three hours.

...Charley picked out an outfit and got ready to head to Papa Rick and Grammy's to spend the evening with them.

See you next week <3

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