Last Week...

...Grandma Sunshine and Papa Craig picked the girls up from school Monday morning (which just happened to be Grandma's birthday), and they went to Chuck-E-Cheese to celebrate.

...afterwards, they went back to Grandma's house to play with make-up and spend some time with her before heading to the library to play some more.

...we met them at Yard House after work and watched the National Championship game while we ate dinner. The girls love spending time with their Grandma and Papa Whiting and couldn't stop talking about how much fun they had that day.

...Tuesday night, we made ground turkey tacos for dinner (sans tortilla), and they were delish.

...Charley was a goofball at bed time and didn't want to go to sleep. That's rare for her. Usually she will lay in bed and then tell me she's tired and roll over and go to sleep on her own. She's the easiest kid to put to bed at night.

...speaking of her sleeping, I can't help but admire her each night when she's so peaceful. That top lip and those lashes killll me.

...Thursday night, we went to Ventano for Alex's birthday dinner. Char gave me this face when I asked her for a picture.

...being the spoiled girls they are, Arno and Papa Rick took them behind the bar to make ice cream sundaes, and Isaac tried to feed some to Chase, but he wasn't interested.

(Happy Birthday, Alex!!)

...Friday, Grace hit her head on a pole outside on the playground at school. She got a pretty nice welt and bruise on her right forehead, but she was fine.

...Char snacked on apples when we got home and was upset with me when I stole a bite of hers.

(The end of this video is my favorite. Char gets so excited when she hears Daddy unlocking the door as he gets home from work.)

...she told Daddy secrets.

...we called in Lucille's on Friday, and the girls got down on their amazing banana pudding.

...Saturday morning, they watched Box Trolls together, while I attempted to sleep in.

...Daddy came upstairs after his work out, and Charley beat him up, as per usual.

...while cleaning out their playroom and hauling bag after bag full of toys to the car to donate (again!), I came back upstairs to find the girls singing a "For the First Time in Forever" duet. It was so funny listening to them.

...the girls got all ready for Disney on Ice that afternoon and looked so sweet in their princesses dresses.

...Grace insisted that they bring their matching princess dolls with them.

...Charley decided to nap as we headed to the show.

(Hi, Kasie! That's Jakson's Christmas present that is still in my car...)

...once it started, the girls were so excited. They were in awe seeing all of their favorite characters together in one place. Every time a new character would come out, they made sure to yell and tell us all about it. It was so fun to see how excited they were.

(Grace just knew she was going to see Jack Skellington and freaked out when he came out.)

...we sat with Allison, Alex, Zacarias, Stefanie, and Presley. The girls had a blast playing together during intermission.

...the show started back up, and Mickey even waved to us. know Charley went bananas when the Toy Story characters came on. She was in her zone watching Buzz, Woody, and Jessie skate around.

...finally, they made it snow and the firework finale ended the show. We had so much fun going through all of the different holidays and seasons with the Disney crew. Every time we bring the girls, it takes me back to when my dad used to bring me to every one and buy me snow cones, light up toys, and the program with all of the amazing pictures inside. I love that I get to continue the tradition with my own girls.

...after the show, we stopped at Fatburger for some fat fries and strawberry shakes (not in the diet).

...Sunday, Grace played with Toodles, and showed off just how big he's grown. This cat is the best. He's so fluffy and soft, but he doesn't shed at all. I'm not really even sure that's possible, but Toodles has the best of both worlds.

...Charley fell asleep when we were driving home from some errands, so I put her in her crib to nap. She didn't last long before yelling for me to come get her and put her in the big girl bed.

...we spent the evening celebrating Grandma Espejo's birthday at her house complete with cupcakes that we brought over from The Cupcakery.

...the girls played with scary teeth, and Auntie Elisha gave them tattoos. They had so much fun with the family.

See you next week <3

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