Last Week...

Photo of the Week: Swimming at Grammy's

...Perry learned to say "no, no, no" complete with finger wave, and it's the cutest thing ever.

...she was the sweetest snuggler, while I binge watched some House of Cards Monday night. 

...the girls and I stopped by Purple Penguin for some snow cones after school on Tuesday.

...Perry ate her weight in Ritz crackers. They're definitely her favorite after school snack.

...she played in the bath after a messy dinner and passed out quickly.

...she was so tired after school Wednesday. She heard a car lock beeping outside and ran to the door to see Daddy. When it wasn't him, she lost it. Such a Daddy's girl.

...she was so tired on Thursday, that she wanted a nap right when we got home from school.

...that turned out perfect, because we had dinner with my step brother James and his family that night. Perry was up past her bed time and did great, because of that nap. It was so good to see James and finally meet baby Emmy. She's such a doll! wasn't hard to get Perry to bed that night. Girlfriend loves her sleep.

...Grace played with my phone, and when I found these pictures, I couldn't get over how grown up she looked.

...Perr played with her Care Bears in the bath and got her first bubble mohawk.

...we stopped by the store on Saturday morning, and Perry had her very first Starbucks drink. She loved it, of course.

...we spent the day lounging by the pool and getting our swim on with Allison and Ava.

...after a quick bath, Perry was down for the count again.

...Charley was doing some work in her Kindergarten workbook, and Perry decided that she wanted to help.

...we played peekaboo.

...we played Face Swap and spent the evening dying of laughter.

...Perr and I snuggled and watched some more Netflix.

...the girls and I went outside to do some sparklers when it started getting dark.

...Daddy took Grace to the store, and Perry loved FaceTiming her while they drove home.

...she kept pointing at her stuffed animals in her pack 'n play and wanted to lay in there with them. Silly girl!

...Daddy blew up the girls' new pool, and they had a blast splashing around.

...Perry took a nap, and we got Cafe Rio for lunch. She loved the black beans and rice when she woke up, but she also wanted Cheerios. of her favorite things to do is play with her bag of bow clips. This girl will sit there all day taking them out and cleaning them up over and over again.

...she wanted a drink of water and was determined to open and close the bottle on her own. I was impressed when she knew to set the lid down and pick it up the correct way.

...the girls were all pretty tired from their busy day and started dropping like flies that evening.

...Daddy worked on sight words with Gracie.

...Perry was sleeping sweetly in her DockATot until I picked her up to snuggle. I can never get enough of this one at bed time.

Next week is the Fourth of July, and we can't wait to have fun with some friends!

See you then :)

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