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Picture of the Week: Waking Up at the Cabin

...Grace and Charley had a sleepover with Grandma Sunshine and Papa Craig on Sunday, and they went to the movies to see Despicable Me 3 on Monday morning.

...when we got home from school that night, Perry got down on some Ritz Crackers.

...she's always trying to turn the light switches on and off, but she's still a little to short.

...Tuesday, Grace ditched school and spent the day with her friend Peyton. They got spoiled with Freddy's burgers and custard for lunch.

...she really missed her sisters and made sure to read books to Perry when she got home.

...we headed up to the cabin on Thursday after work. It was so nice to have a few days in cooler weather to just spend time as a family. When we woke up Friday morning, the girls got dressed in their cutest matching blush outfits, and I couldn't stop swooning over them.

...we headed to Aspen Mirror Lake, which is my favorite place ever, and did some fishing. There were clouds moving in, but we didn't think much of it. There is a little bit of a walk to get back to the lake after you park, and the girls loved exploring.

...we stuck Perry under a tree, because it had started to sprinkle, and I didn't want her to get upset in the rain.

...Grace and Char were loving it.

...Perry decided she wanted to join the rest of us and didn't mind getting wet at all.

...almost immediately, Grammy caught a fish! Don't mind Grace at the end. She didn't really catch a fish, she just caught Grammy's line that was being reeled in.

...Perry clapped for the big catch.

...she loved watching her sisters do their thing and exploring all around the lake, while we fished in the rain. It may have been my favorite time fishing ever. The rain was so relaxing and cool. really started coming down after a while, so we decided to pack it up and try again another day. On the walk back to the car, we all go soaked!

...back at the cabin, we watched the rain pour down on the patio.

...Perry and I played peekaboo in the tent.

...I took these sweet pictures of my girls, and then Grace took my camera.

...she actually took some really good pictures.

...Perry was crazy about this little high chair and kept climbing in and out of it the whole weekend. Grace gave her a cookie while she was on camera duty and then proceeded to take pictures of her making a mess. Obviously, Perry enjoyed it.

...she carried her Care Bears everywhere she went, and played with them whenever we had some down time.

...after another outfit change (thanks chocolate chip cookie), we headed out front to play.

...Perry was obsessed with Papa's rzrs and kept wanting to sit in them, so we decided to take her on a quick little ride. The girls jumped in, too, and we had fun riding around checking out the scenery.

...when we got back, another storm had moved in, and we got some awesome thunder. There isn't much better than listening to the rain and thunder roll through the mountain forest. Perry crashed again and snuggled in my arms before I moved her to the recliner inside, where she stayed asleep for a couple of hours.

...after dinner and a late game of dice, we headed down to bed. Perry snuggled with Charley while they watched The Boss Baby, and it was super sweet.

...Saturday morning, we got ready and hung out on the front porch while waiting for everyone else.

...once they were all ready, we headed to Duck Creek Days to check it out. The girls immediately booked it for the big slides and had a blast going down over and over again.

...we played on a blow-up obstacle course, and the girls were bouncing all over the place.

...they tried out the biggest slide, but they only went once, because it made me nervous.

...the last stop was the impossible ladder that no one seemed to be able to climb on. They had us laughing as they tried, though.

...we all went back to the cabin, and Perry hung out with Ava.

...Kait came outside to play, and they were so cute playing with each other.

...Perry decided to go exploring, so I followed her around all the way down to the pond.

...all of that walking really made her sleepy, and she passed out on the porch inside the tent.

...when she woke up, we watched Trolls, but she refused to leave the tent.

...the guys were playing corn hole on the front porch, so I took the girls out there to hang with them.

...Perry kept wanted to climb on the boards, so we corralled her in the back of a pick up.

...Ava was a little fussy, so Perry walked over and offered her some milk and gave her kisses.

...dinner was ready, and Perry loved the carne asada and guacamole. Girlfriend went to town. the summers, we always go on a "deer run" after dinner, where we drive around and see what deer are hanging around. We saw a lot this time, including a big ol' buck. The ride tuckered the girls out, and they went to bed when we got back to the cabin.

...Sunday morning was cool and crisp until the sun came out, so we had to get a picture of Perry in her onyx dots. Isaac said she looked just like an old school linebacker.

...we decided to stay through the day and took it easy hanging out on the front porch.

...we ended up on the back porch to watch the chipmunks eating from their feeder. There was a huge one that I called "fat", and Charley explained that I was hurting his feelings and that I should call him "moochie" instead of fat.

...we took the girls horseback riding through the forest, and they had the best time ever. The loved watching their horses snack on grass and take drinks from their pool, too. Plus, you can't beat this scenery.

...before we headed home, we went fishing one more time. It's one of our favorite things to do at the cabin, and it never disappoints.

...Daddy caught one right away, and it got the girls all excited to try and catch one.

...Perry was standing in front of Grace and helping her reel in her line when she fell face first in the lake. Good thing I had a back up outfit in the diaper bag.

...she helped me instead of Grace, and we caught the next fish. I always make Isaac or my mom take it off the line, because I can't listen to it "scream" when you push the plastic thing down its throat to get the hook out. I ain't about that life. I tried taking it from Isaac's hand to take a picture and my fish jumped right out of my hand back into the lake and swam away. It was too funny, but I didn't get a picture with my fish. (Whomp whomp whomp.)

...after a minute or two, Charley caught one and was so excited! She surprised me by actually touching it.

...Perry was all about that fishing life and wanted to reel in the lines over and over again.

...Gracie didn't catch one this time around, and the poor girl was super determined to do so.

...seriously, how gorgeous is this place? I could stay here forever and never grow tired of this lake.

...after that we headed back to reality. Our time at the cabin is never long enough, and we're already counting down the days until our next trip up there in a few weeks.

See you next week <3

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