Why and Whale {Surprise Pack Unboxing}

We've been spotting Why and Whale's monthly surprise pack all over social media lately, and after hearing about how awesome they are, we had to try them out for ourselves!

The monthly surprise pack from Why and Whale is a subscription pack featuring handpicked apparel, toys and other cool finds. It's for modern kids ages 6 months - 6 years, and they always have the best, high quality brands with new things to try. 

Our first package arrived after school one afternoon, and Perry couldn't wait to rip it open and see what was inside. While I was most excited about the J&J + Grovia ballot wetbag, Perry couldn't open the Moluk Mox balls fast enough!

Moluk Mox Balls

Perry was instantly drawn to these cute little guys and demanded that I open them right away. She shook them each out of the box and then got up and ran to her own little corner to make sure her big sisters didn't steal them from her. She giggled at each of their little faces and then proceeded to throw them around the room and chase them, essentially playing fetch with herself. She had us all laughing as we watched her go crazy for these. She also loved when I would squeeze them and pretend to bite her fingers and cheeks with the open mouth.

Mox is made of tactile, food-grade silicone rubber and is suitable for all ages, so there is no worry when Perry wants to play with them by herself. These guys went straight into our diaper bag, as we are always on the move and they are sure to keep her little hands busy while we go about our daily routine.

House of Jude Hooded Baby Towel

While baby girl continued to play with her new Mox balls, I opened the House of Jude hooded baby towel. It was super soft, and my five year old couldn't get over how good it smelled. Perry is obsessed with her bamboo muslin blankets and takes them everywhere she goes. The towel is made from Turkish bamboo, so she loved wearing it and has been dragging it around like a blanky after her bath each night.

Thinksport Kids Sunscreen Stick

This Thinksport sunscreen will be coming with us wherever we go. We're outside constantly, as my older girls play soccer. The stick design makes the sunscreen easy to apply, and it's free of harmful chemicals (like those icky carcinogens, paraben, phthalates, etc.), which is a huge plus. It's also water resistant and has a non-oily feel.

Parasol Baby Wipes

Our love of Parasol diapers is well known, so we were excited to try out these wipes, as well. They have an almost cloth-like feel, and it takes far less to get the job done than other wipes we've used. I also love that the smell is refreshing, but dissipates quickly, so me and baby aren't left smelling like baby wipes. They are also hypoallergenic and free of harmful chemicals that are known to irritate baby's skin. This small pack of 20 fits perfectly in the diaper bag and doesn't take up a ton of room. We'll definitely be changing our monthly subscription with Parasol to include the wipes, as well.

Grovia Zippered Wetbag

We have this Grovia zippered wetbag in an onyx stripe print, and we use it allll the time. I was excited to see the mint ballot print in our surprise pack, because sometimes one isn't enough with three little kids. While Perry loved hiding her new Mox balls in the bag, I use it for literally everything. We live in Las Vegas, which means we are at the pool quite frequently. I love to carry our suncreens in these bags, so they don't leak all over my diaper bag. We also use the wetbag for the girls' wet swimsuits after a day of swimming. Another great use is for all of your toiletry items when traveling. It's great for preventing that leaky shampoo or lotion bottle from getting all over the inside of your suitcase. With so many uses, you can never have enough of these awesome bags.

We were pleasantly surprised with all of the awesome items we received in our surprise pack. It was full of useful things for baby and mom, which helps make life a little easier. We will definitely be continuing our monthly subscription and can't wait to see what cool things we get next month!


We are hosting a giveaway on our Instagram (@courtneyespejo) that ends tonight! Don't forget to head over there to enter for your chance to win your own Why and Whale surprise pack.

Bonus - here is a fun little video of Perry unboxing her very first surprise pack with Grace and Charley's help.

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