Baby Charley

So we're 99.9% set on Charley Anne Espejo for the baby's name.

It can still change if we find something we like better.

We said we wanted to wait until we saw her face to decide.

Well, this past week, we got to go to our second 4D Ultrasound appointment. We did this with Grace, and she looked exactly like the pictures. Since we went earlier to find out the sex as soon as possible, we bought the package that included a second appointment. The one closer to the end is the most fun. When you're pregnant, you can't help but wonder what your baby is looking like as he/she is bouncing around in your belly.

As soon as we saw the baby's face, we knew that she didn't look like a Kyle (Isaac's favorite name). She could possibly be a Julia, but then we said the name Charley and she got this big grin on her sweet little face:

That kind of solidified it for us.

So unless something more amazing comes along before she arrives, Charley Anne Espejo it is.

Charley means "free man". During all of my ultrasounds, this baby has been much more mellow than Grace. She just kind of hangs out. When she's not on camera, she's crazy. This baby flips, rolls, and jabs even more than Grace did (and I was sure Grace would be an acrobat). I'm thinking she'll be kind of a free spirit where Grace is more of a bossy, "let's do it my way" type of gal.

Charley was a really popular girls name in the 1920's, but has since kind of fallen off the map. We want something different, but not too out there, so it feels perfect.

She definitely looks a lot more like Isaac than Grace did.

Charley has Daddy's lips, chin, and cheeks.

Her profile really shows off her full little lips and those high cheek bones:

The ultrasound tech said that if she ever needed to teach a class, she was going to call me. I have tons of amniotic fluid even though I don't drink a lot of water, and the baby sits perfectly in my belly to get great shots of her face.

Grace's pictures turned out pretty awesome too, so I was happy we got good ones to compare the two.

The only time baby had her hands near her face was right before we finished when she was trying to find her thumb to go to sleep:

Little stinker is so cute! I can't wait to hold her in my arms. I came home from this ultrasound feeling totally different. Like there is really a baby on the way. Soon Grace will have a little sister and Isaac and I will be the parents of not one, but TWO beautiful, totally different, little girls. I always imagined having another Grace that would do everything exactly the same as her. The difference in their appearance made me realize that this baby will have a mind all her own and have her own personality for us to love.

Nine more weeks :)

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