Last Week...

...Grace is twenty weeks.

...we played outside with the neighbors where Grace got to meet her first hamster. She really liked watching it, but wasn't too excited about touching it at first:

(Easton cracks me up in this picture. Such a cutie!)

When an airplane flew overhead, Grace got distracted. She loves watching them fly by:

After Ashley put the hamster back in its ball, the kids had fun chasing it around. They even got down to watch it roll under Grace's car:

Grace and Easton shared some snacks, too:

...Grandpa Rick called and asked us to bring Grace over around 4pm. I had plans with Kasie, but took her over there to see what he needed. Turns out, my sister Allison had flown in from Ohio a few hours earlier to surprise us all! We were so excited to see her. Grace even dragged her in the bedroom to show her the awesome doll house Grandpa got her for Christmas:

I had to call Kas to cancel, so we could spend some time with Allison.

Of course we went to Ventano (our family favorite), but Grandma gave Grace a sucker before we left:

Then she got ice cream after dinner:

(She's not spoiled.)

...Grace colored in her Dora book and all over the rest of the house:

...we celebrated Valentine's Day.

...we took Grace to go get something to eat and she wanted to bring some apples to eat on the way. She could barely eat them because she was falling asleep at the same time:

...we spent a nice Sunday playing at the park near our house.

...we are twenty-nine weeks pregnant!

See ya next week :)

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