Mommy-Daughter Night

Thursday night, Isaac went to play poker with some of Sunstate's biggest customers (and soon to be customers).

Since he left around 4:30 and didn't come home until well after Grace and I were asleep, we got to have a whole mommy-daughter night! I get to spend every night with her, but having quality time with just the two of us is pretty rare. This means that nights alone with mom get to be extra special treats for both of us!

When Daddy left, Grace asked "ah da da?" about one hundred times. Once she got over the fact that he was gone, we had a lot of fun.

We started the night out watching Wall-E and building castles out of Mega Blocks.

Then, Grace helped me unload the dishwasher while our dinner finished cooking:

She's the best helper ever!

We had pasta, corn, garlic bread, and cut up Beddar Cheddar brats for dinner; some of Grace's favorite things:

After that it was bath time.  Once she got all clean, we played with her Dora foam soap. Grace really liked rubbing it all over her belly (or her baby as she calls it):


We rinsed her off and snuggled up in her Elmo towel:

After she got her jammies on, I braided her hair for the first time:

Isn't she just the cutest?

Next, Grace brushed her teeth like a big girl:

She watched tv in her bed while Mommy took a shower. After that, she got into bed with me and we cuddled until we fell asleep.

Not really. It went a little more like this...

Grace didn't want to sleep, so I kept telling her to lay down and she kept jumping on me and laughing. Then I'd smack her bottom and tell her to lay down and go to sleep. She'd fake cry super dramatically with both hands over her mouth and again ask, "ah da da?" in between cries. I'd feel bad, kiss her, and then we'd start all over again. (Side note: it's super hard for me to tell her to lay down and sleep when she's being so cute and funny. I'm basically telling her to do something while smiling, so she thinks I'm also being funny.) Finally around 10:30 she passed out. I may have even fallen asleep before her.

It was a lot of fun to spend some quality time with my little stinker, but I really like having Daddy home to help with bed time. I'm pretty sure she didn't want to go to bed because her daddy wasn't there, and she's used to having both of us with her at night time. She's such a daddy's girl!

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