This past week, Isaac celebrated his twenty-sixth birthday:

That doesn't sound so bad, except that it's on the downhill slope to fifty!

I cannot believe that time is passing us by so quickly.

It seems like just yesterday we were driving home from school in my little white Mustang rocking out to What's Luv by Fat Joe. It's so crazy how times have (or haven't) changed.

In the past three years we've gotten married, graduated with our bachelor degrees from UNLV, been blessed with our little Gracie, and are now expecting another baby girl.

You can still catch us driving around rocking out to Fat Joe every now then, but now there are car seats in the back of our Chevy Traverse.

It's hard to argue that these three years could have been any better.

Since our dog managed to chew up our entire back yard while we were in Nebraska a few weeks ago, Isaac really wanted a blower for his birthday. One day after work, we headed to Lowe's and found one that also vacuums and mulches:

Perfect for the tiny bundles of cotton all over the yard from Cash's bed that somehow got shredded to pieces.

Isaac got home and started using it that night. He was a little excited.

By the time his actual birthday came, our backyard was back to being beautiful. Isaac spent about eight hours vacuuming up Cash's mess and repairing irrigation that he had dug up:

Hopefully Cash will keep it this way {fingers crossed}.

Isaac's birthday fell on Super Bowl Sunday, and since we're such huge football fans, you know we had to have a party.

We invited our families and close friends and started counting down the days.

I was mostly just excited because we were getting tons of food from Memphis Barbecue to celebrate the occasion.

Kasie came over the night before and we made some football field cupcakes for the next day:

She and Francesca came over a few hours early on Sunday to help me decorate the house and get all of the food ready. Then all of our other friends arrived. We had so much fun catching up with everyone and just having all of our favorite people together in one place.

Plus, we got to munch on tons of yummy food:

The boys played a little football out front:

Isaac got tons of UNLV gear just in time for their biggest game of the season on the 11th (Go Rebs!!). We ate, played football related Super Bowl party games, and laughed our butts off.

Then we sang happy birthday to the greatest guy in the world:

Grace even ate a whole cupcake:

If our life continues on its current path, the slippery slope to fifty shouldn't be all that bad.

Happy Birthday, hubby! Life is 192,987,643,599 times more exiciting with you by my side. I can't wait to see what happens next! Love you <3

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