Last Week...

...we are twenty-seven weeks pregnant! That means only twelve-ish more weeks until the little bean arrives. She is currently somewhere around two pounds and fourteen and a half inches long. Grace loves her little sister and kisses her all the time:

...I woke up to use the bathroom for the millionth time in the middle of the night to find Isaac and Gracie sharing a pillow. Cutest cuddlebugs ever:

...we had dinner at Montesano's with Grandpa Rick:

...Gracie continued to do well sleeping in her big girl bed:

...she got really good at the matching game on the iPad:

...she looked so adorable in her jammies that I couldn't help myself but to take a million pictures:

...we had a lot of tea parties once Grace realized that the tea pot made fun sounds like she was really pouring tea:

...we went to the Nevada caucus on Saturday, so Grace helped Daddy and I watch some videos on the Republican debates to solidify our choice:

...Grace watched the Lion King and passed out in her bed:

...Cash got groomed and spent more time in the house playing with Gracie:

...we went to Chevy's for dinner where we learned that Grace really, realllly likes salsa:

...we celebrated Isaac's twenty-sixth birthday.

See ya next week :)

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