Last Week...

...we went to Memphis Barbecue for dinner:

...Charley celebrated her half birthday:

...Grace fell asleep early while watching a movie:

...Charley's top two teeth started coming in, and she was a little fussy (very rare for this kid...she's the best baby ever). Whenever she'd see Grace, she'd calm down. Daddy stuck her in bed by sister, and she instantly fell asleep. Grace repositioned herself to use Charley as a foot stool: girl rode in the shopping cart by herself for the first time:

...we had dinner at Boardhouse Sandwiches. Try's delicious (especially the Del Mar):

...we spent Halloween with the Sebastians, Grandpa & Grandma Whiting, Uncle Zac, Stefanie, and baby Presley.

...Grace and Charley played in her crib:

...Grace ate Nerds off the counter and cried when she got stuck:

...we met up with Kasie and Jeremy on Friday for sushi and early voting:

...Grace napped while we shopped:

...Charley practiced her crawling skills. Baby girl is getting sooo close. This was on the bed, too. She does even better on the floor:

...after using all of that energy, Charley was ready for a nap:

...Sunday the Bears (Daddy's team) played in Tennessee. Mommy dressed Charley up in her Titans (Mommy's team) gear, and Grace wore her Chicago jammies. Even though the Titans aren't having a great season, it's fun to watch our teams play each other. We'll get 'em next time:

...after the game, Charley played while Grace napped under the table:

...a little later, Charley enjoyed some bananas, while Grace learned to say Kung Fu Panda properly:

See ya next week!

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