Beer and More Beer

Montelago Village in Lake Las Vegas always hosts a beer walk in March and November.

We try to attend every single one, since it's always a blast with our friends.

This year was no exception.

Despite the weather being cold and windy, we got our drinks from Starbucks to warm us up and braved the cold.

Grace and Charley were smart and brought blankets to keep them from freezing:

The boys didn't waste any time and started drinking some beers to get warm:

Soon, Charley woke up from her nap and wanted to hang out with Daddy:

Once all the girls were up, we got a super cute picture of the Daddy/Brothers with their baby girls:
Cutest picture ever, right?!

Hitt quickly made friends with the girls, and we found a nice warm corner of the village to hang out in:

I snuggled baby Presley while she slept and kept her nice and warm:
(I promise she's in there!)

Grace held Charley on her lap while we made our way around to grab some more beers:

Once the guys had their fill of beer, we all made our way to Johnny Mac's for some pizza (and more beer). Then we went back to our house to hang out by the fire pit. Grace made "tea" for everyone with her Minnie Mouse tea set, and Matt and Hitt helped her and Charley decorate our Christmas tree. About four hours later, Grace had a new best friend. We always have so much fun at the beer walks, and the night couldn't have ended any better spending it with some of our favorite people. I'm sure we'll be back in March!

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