Baby Bug

My little Charley Bug is already seven months old.

She is so dainty and girly, but this month she has really started to feel solid. When you pick her up, she's more compact and full. 

She has long, curled lashes and the best lips ever.

Her hair is darker than Grace's and will probably be more like mine. It seems straight and thick and has started to grow a little faster.

At seven months, I think we can officially say Charley is a crawler. She moves from one side of the room to the other so quickly. She rolls, scoots, and now she can get up on all fours and get where she's going.

She loves to eat pouches just like Gracie did. 

Her favorites are sweet potatoes, chicken and brown rice, and peaches.

She has six teeth - the two middle bottom ones and her top four front teeth.

She loves to jump up and down in her bouncer.

Charley is wearing size 6-12 months although it's pretty big on her. She can still fit into her 3-6 month clothes.

She's still in size three diapers, but last time I bought them, they were two boxes for $35. I got one size three and one size four because I didn't know where she'd be in a few weeks (about how long it takes us to get through a box). We're just about out of the threes, so she'll probably be wearing a size four any day now.

She also wears size three in shoes when she gets to wear them.

She's been a pretty good sleeper since she was born. I can only remember one night where she woke up crying, and my sweet girl was back to sleep within minutes. Lately, I've been feeding her some baby food before her nightly bath. Now that she sits in the tub, she and Grace love to play together before bed. After the bath, I lotion her up and put her jammies on. Sometimes I'll nurse her for a bit, but she usually just goes right into her crib and falls asleep on her own. Once she wakes up the first time to eat, I put her into her sleeper to sleep for the rest of the night. It's just so much easier having her right there next to me. She wakes up every 3 hours or so, nurses for a few minutes, and goes back to sleep.

Sometimes Daddy or I will sneak her into bed to snuggle for a bit.

Elle the elephant is her favorite toy and possibly her best friend. She chews on her, snuggles her, and laughs at her.

Grace loved to stand and would never let you hold her sitting on your lap. Charley is more relaxed and will hang out, but she likes to stand against the ottoman in our living room and uses it to hold herself up. She can also grab things above her and pull herself up.

She understands responses. She'll grab you and then look up at your face to see what your response is.

Charley also likes to wrestle with her sister. She's very good at going for the hair.

My sweet little bundle of smiles is growing so fast.

I wish she'd slow down, but I also love getting to see her meet new milestones and learn about new things.

We love you so much, baby bug!

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