Last Week...

....Charley played around in the bathtub. She's big enough now that she doesn't need her bather anymore if there isn't too much water, and she loves splashing around:

...we cuddled afterwards:

...I took more pictures of my angels sleeping:
(This is Grace's favorite blanket. She asks for the "pink blanky" every night, takes it to school with her, and wants it whenever she's sad or nervous.)

...Grace went to swim lessons. She got a new teacher (Mr. Chris), and she totally loves him. It was her first lesson where I wasn't in the pool with her that she didn't cry the whole most of time. Big girl is getting so good. She'll definitely be a pro by next summer:

While we watched, Charley got her first taste of a popsicle:

...after swim lessons, we stopped at the grocery store to do a little shopping. Charley got to ride in the cart with Gracie:

...Charley hung out in her birthday suit: sister got sick, so baby girl had to come hang out at work with me while my mom took care of Geni. She was such a little angel and slept most of the time:

...we painted the girls' playroom and finally put their Mickey and Minnie vinyl on the wall. We've decided that this will be their big Christmas present this year. We are going to get a TV mounted so they can watch their movies and play with all of their toys in there:

...we started playing upstairs a little more, and Charley really liked the couch up there:

...Grace found her Barbie puppy, and Charley watched football in her bunny hat:

...Charley's lips looked extra plump. It's hard not to kiss this baby's lips allll day long:

...we took the girls out to Macayo's for dinner and to see Sesame Street Live. I thought Charley would sleep through the whole thing, because it started right at her bedtime. She ended up loving it just as much as Grace, although she did fall asleep towards the end:

...Grace snuggled in bed with me since it was so cold outside:

...Saturday morning, we played in bed when the girls got up bright and early:

...Charley napped in her crib. She loves watching her musical jungle, and it almost always puts her to sleep:

...we put our Christmas tree up, and the girls had so much fun helping:

...Charley took a quick nap in her crib:

...she got all bundled up for the beer walk at Lake Las Vegas:

...Gracie enjoyed a hot cocoa from Starbucks:

...Charley napped in anticipation of the Titans game on Sunday morning:

...Grace sang to me on her Minnie Mouse radio:

...Noah and Easton came over to play while Nick and Isaac strung the Christmas lights in between our two houses:

Somehow, Grace convinced Easton to play with her hair:

Next up was a Minnie Mouse tea party in the backyard (poor boys!): dad gave me my Disney ornaments from when I was a kid. We got Grace and Charley their own mini tree to decorate with all of my old ornaments (and a few new ones, too):

...we started a few ornaments on our big tree. Grace really enjoyed helping this year. She'd let me put the hooks on and then hang the ornaments mostly in the same spot. I'd sneak over and move them when she wasn't looking. It was much more fun to decorate the tree now that she can take part in it, too:

...we went over the Grandpa Espejo's to celebrate his birthday. Charley and Presley played, and Grace held "baby cousin" all by herself:

See ya next week!

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