All About Cookies

The weekend before Christmas, my Dad asked Grace to come over and bake cookies with him.

He didn't have to ask twice.

Grace face is all about cookies:

When we got there, he had everything all set up and ready to go:

Gracie helped him roll out the dough and use cookie cutters to make festive Christmas shapess:

Charley watched and tried out the candy decorations:

While we waited for the cookies to bake and cool, the girls admired Poppa's Christmas tree:

As soon as they were finished, Grace, Poppa, and I decorated them with all kinds of frosting and candies:

Grace especially loved the sprinkles:

Silly girl making reindeer antlers with Poppa:

Charley took a nap while we were having all the fun:

When she woke up, she went straight for the candy canes and stole one right off the tree:

Grace had a blast helping Poppa and then enjoyed eating the cookies and sharing them with our neighbors:

I'd say they turned out pretty cute!

Thanks, Poppa!!

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