Snow Bunnies

Isaac and I had a four day weekend for New Years, so we were planning on heading up to my family's cabin for the weekend.

When the girls and I came down with a cold, we decided it'd be best to stay home.

The girls started feeling better Friday, so we made plans to head up to Mt. Charleston the next day. We grabbed some sleds and snow pants Friday night and went to bed early to get ready for our big day.

Saturday morning, we all met up at our house and stopped at Starbucks on our way to the snow. Nick helped us find the perfect spot for sledding, and we were so excited.

When we got there, we all hopped out of the car to get our snow gear on. Of course I had to feed Charley to get her ready for a few hours of playing in the snow. When she was done, we got her all dressed up and ready for the snow, too:
I can't get over how big/old she looks here!

The bigger kids couldn't wait to get into the snow:

They had fun sledding down the drive while we all got our gear on:

Soon, we were all ready to head over to the sledding hill:

Charley decided that she wasn't quite finished with breakfast as soon as we got over there. No biggie...I fed her in the snow:

Then the sledding began. Charley really want to try it out, but this is as far as we'd let her go:

That really wore her out, and she took a little nap while the rest of us played:

Here are a few sledding videos:


Matt brought a huge snowball over to try and make a wall in front of the trees so we wouldn't run into them:

Kasie decided to use it to start a snowball fight instead:

Just checking up on Charley...still hanging out in the same spot:

I showed Grace how to eat snow, and she was really unsure of it:

The kiddos started getting cold once the sun went behind the hill, so we started gathering everything up to head back to the car and snapped a few group photos:

As we got closer to the car, I showed the kids how to make snow angels:

Noah was the best and made quite a few:

Finally, we got back in the car and turned the heat way up. I got stuck with a sinus headache the whole drive home. We stopped for lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings, and then I napped with my baby dolls:

We had snow much fun with some of the best friends you could ever find! We love all of these people, and it was the perfect way to spend our Saturday with all of these snow bunnies. We'll definitely be heading back up there before the snow season is over!

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