Last Week...

...we celebrated Christmas with all of our families.

...Daddy cleaned the house with this little munchkin attached to him:

...Grace has been carrying this purse around everywhere. Grandma Lisa got it for her for Christmas, and it has all of the essentials inside. I can't tell you how many times a day this girl puts lip gloss on her lips. She takes pictures of everyone, "say cheese!". She won't even let me open the hair ties up, because they're hers and they go in her purse:

...the girls slept so peacefully in their own beds:

...we had dinner at Montesano's where Grace insisted that sister sit right next to her:

...Charley played on her table from Santa and even practiced standing like a big girl:

...the girls had a slashfest in the bathtub:

...since Charley started crawling, standing on furniture, and babbling away, she and Grace have really become best friends. Not only did Grace insist that Charley sit by her at dinner earlier this week, she kissed her goodnight, slept by her, held her hand, and even helped feed her a bottle. Moments like these ones melt my heart into a puddle of love and adoration:

...we went to the mall where Grace played in the food court kids area and snagged some new shoes. She had these same ones when she started walking, but they are obviously too small now and will be handed down to Charley as soon as her feet grow into them. They're just so cute:

...we hung out at Matt and Frannie's on Friday where their doggie, Lola, was obsessed with Charley. Apparently, she loves her some babies:

...Charley slept a lot:

...she showed off her teeth after she finished eating (don't mind that drop of milk on her cheek):

...we spent the day Saturday with our friends up at Mt. Charleston to play in the snow.

...we went to Matt and Frannie's again Saturday night to watch the fights. Grace discovered Lola's doggy door, and we made s'mores outside with their fire pit:

...Charley hit the eight month mark.

...I took a picture of Grace's hair while it was straight. It it getting so long and almost reaches her tush:

...we went to the mall again (this time to find new shoes for Isaac). Charley ate lunch in the car before we headed in, and then played with Daddy and practiced her driving skills:

Isaac and I got Starbucks once we were inside, and Charley was practically begging for a sip (not yet little one!):

...Isaac ended up finding two new pairs of shoes, and Grace talked him into getting her another pair, too:

...Grace asked to sleep in her own bed. Say what? Yah...she kept asking for different puppies to bring into my bed. I told her that she could only have one, and if she wanted more, she had to sleep in her own bed. She said, "OK. I want to sweep in my own bed". She got in it, laid down, I tickled her back for maybe thirty seconds, and she was out like a light. We'll see if that ever happens again.

See ya next week!

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