Mommy's Girl

Charley is now two-thirds of the way to a year old:

Those eight months flew by!

I feel like she's still a little tiny baby, but she's going to be one in just four short months. Wahhh!

I mostly call her Chawdge, because that's what Grace calls her.

Side Note: It's weird how your children can't say things correctly, you think it's cute, so you just start saying them wrong. It's probably not the best way to teach them, but whatever. (Grace says "I'm so drinky" instead of "I'm so thirsty", and Isaac won't let me correct her. Now we all just say "I'm so drinky". Not weird at all.)

She also goes by Bug, Lil Tush, Stink, Boogie, or Charley Anne. Daddy likes to call her that last one in a sing-song kind of voice:
This month, Charley really started eating more food. She's devoured mac and cheese, small bites of bread, yogurt melts, puffs, and several pouches. We usually try to feed her a fruit in the morning and something with protein (like vegetable turkey dinner - her fav) at night. If we are out to dinner, she gets to share pretty much whatever Grace is eating in small bites or gets puffs. She's pretty good at getting them in her mouth on her own, too. So far there hasn't been anything that she hasn't liked. She's also tried purple carrots, butternut squash, peaches, pears, apples, sweet potatoes, chicken and brown rice, pumpkin, banana, apricot, and blueberry. I think her favorites are probably peaches and butternut squash with cinnamon.

She takes two 4.5 ounce bottles during the day, and then nurses in the afternoon and at night. We're on a pretty good schedule with her right now.

She has seven teeth, the four front teeth and three on the bottom, with the eighth one just about to pop through:

She is crawling all over the house. Sometimes, I'll sit her down and turn to grab something, and she's gone. This kid is quick. She can also pull herself up to stand very easily and is beginning to maneuver her way around the furniture. We had to lower her crib mattress this month when I caught her peeking over the edge at me with a sneaky smirk on her cute little face.

When she sees Mommy, she crawls as fast as possible in a straight path towards me. She's a definite Mommy's girl at this stage in the game.

Baby girl says mama, dada, and fafa. They aren't really words, but more like sounds that she's learned to make. I'd say that she knows who mama is, though.

She has this electric smile that makes you feel all happy and want to cry because she's so darn cute all at the same time. There's just something about these eyes:

She now hates having her diaper changed and rolls over and makes a break for it every time.
Charley loves to be held when she's tired, but she hates to hold hands. If you try holding her hand, she flails her arms around and gets super mad. This makes trimming the fingernails a very difficult task.

She is still sleeping in her sleeper, mostly because that's where she sleeps best. If she had it her way, she'd be in my bed right between Grace and I.

If I put her down in her crib for a nap in the middle of the day, she'll nap for hours. If I put her in there at night, she wakes up pretty quickly. She also has to be fully asleep, passed out, can't wake her up status before I lay her down in there. On the other hand, if she's just falling asleep, I can put her in her sleeper, and she'll go to bed on her own.'s right next to my bed, so I don't have to get up when she wakes up to eat at night. Thanks, Fisher Price! Best.Invention.Ever.

She still isn't a huge fan of the binky, and I can even get her to sleep without it. She only likes it if she's totally relaxed:

Crazy girl still likes to be swaddled at eight months old, too.

She is still in size 6-12 months clothing and size four diapers.
She is weighing in at 18.5 pounds. That's almost four whole pounds less than Gracie was at eight months.

Charley is such a little sweetheart. She's little and cute and squishy and you can't help but to kiss her constantly when you're holding her. She has fluffy cheeks that beg for you to nibble on them. She is growing so fast, and we are having so much fun watching her learn and teaching her new things.

Happy Eight Months Chawdgey!
We love you so much little girl <3

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