Last Week...

...Grandma Lisa took the girls for a ride in their wagon:

...Charley played her piano app on the iPad:

...we made reindeer cookies:

...Charley looked super cute in her outfit from our friend, Amy:

...Grace watched Rudolph with her buddies:

...Elisha hung out with Charley a few times. She's been helping us out by watching Charley every Friday and steps in whenever we need her on other days, too. We love you, Auntie Lisha!!

...Charley tried apples for the first time and wasn't too sure at first. After a couple bites, she loved them:

...Charley said "mama"!! I had to torture her in her jumper to get it out of her. It's officially her first word! Grace's was dada and then bubble, so I'm kind of excited about it:

...Grace sang Elmo's Song over and over and over: friend, Ashton, found this paper from seventh grade showing Isaac and I nominated under "Cutest Couple" for the yearbook. The other names on the lists are so funny...seventh grade was such a long time ago. It's crazy to look back and see this:

...Grace face snuggled in our bed and looked so sweet and peaceful that we let her stay:

...we went to Lucille's for dinner and Charley passed out in Daddy's arms. He had to eat his ribs one-handed:

...Grace face got the cutest new birthstone earrings. We got Charley some too, but they're still a little big for her, so she'll have to grow in to them:

...we got our Elf on the Shelf. When we opened the package, I asked Grace what her name was. She instantly said, Claire, like I should've already known that. She talks to Claire every night and makes sure she knows what to tell Santa:

...Charley fell asleep on the couch with Grace:

Then, she snuggled in bed with Mom and Dad:

And finally, she made it into her sleeper for the night:

...Charley turned seven months old.

...Grace and Kasie painted together on Friday:

...Grace and Daddy played on Saturday morning:

...she practiced walking around in Mommy's shoes:

...Charley played with her lips and toys to help her little teeth feel better:

...Grace read Charley stories:

...we spent Saturday celebrating my mom and dad's birthdays.

...the girls took a bath together on Sunday morning and got to play for a while:

...Charley played with her bestie Elle after her bath:

...she took a nap and her hair looked super fluffy:

...we went to Grandpa & Grandma Espejo's to celebrate Stef's birthday, and Charley fell asleep on Daddy's lap:

...when we got home, the girls took a closer look at our Christmas lights:

That's all for now!

See ya next week :)

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