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Picture of the Week: Going Fishing in the Rain

Monday, Perry and I hung out in bed and watched TV. She was being so silly and kept saying she wanted to go to California.

She went upstairs to see sisters and bumped her head on the stair railing on her way back down. Her sad face melts my heart.

She went on the potty and was back to her happy self when she got her gummy bears. She always says "I go potty get gummy bears!" followed by a squeal.

We sang songs in the car before school Tuesday morning.

The girls made some fun crafts on coffee filters and wanted to hang them all over the house.

Perry painted with bubbles, learned about the letter 'B', and learned about traffic symbols.

Wednesday after work, we headed up to the cabin for a super long weekend of relaxation.

The next morning, the girls got ready and we hung out in the front while waiting for horseback riding to open. We took the girls last summer while we were up here, and they could not wait to do it again.

We stopped by to see the horses, and they told us we could come back in an hour. We decided to stop at Aunt Sue's for lunch while we waited. Perry downed her chocolate milk in no time.

We headed back to the horses, and the girls loved petting them. Perry must take after me, because she was terrified of them.

While we waited, the clouds started rolling in, and it began to thunder and rain.

We goofed off some more before it was time for the girls to ride.

They had so much fun and loved that it was raining during their ride. Could you ask for anything better?

We headed back to the cabin to listen to the thunder from the porch, and Charley really wanted a picture with this pine cone.

Perry and I hung out on the patio until she passed out.

When she woke up from her nap, she and Grace made silly videos on my Snapchat. We hung out all evening, and Grammy and Papa arrived after dark.

The next morning, we took the girls fishing at Aspen Mirror Lake. It's one of my favorite places in the world. Perry didn't like horseback riding the day before, but this girl was all about fishing.

Mom forgot the tackle box, so Isaac ran back to the cabin to get it. Luckily, we had worms, so we fished with those instead. At first, we made mom bait all of the hooks, but we were losing them so fast that I had to jump in and help.

Charley caught a fish and was so excited.

Soon after, Gracie caught a fish, too. She loved it and kept wanting to pet it.

Isaac finally caught a fish, and it was the smallest little guy.

We seriously had the best time and spent hours out there fishing. All of the sudden, a huge cloud came, and it started pouring and hailing. We had to hike all the way back to the car. The kids weren't happy about it, but I was loving every second.

Back at the cabin, Perry worked really hard to open the back door, but she was a little too short.

Everyone went inside, and I worked on the blog on the patio. I looked up and a deer was staring right at me. I wanted to get the kids, but I knew she'd run as soon as I moved.

We hung out for a while before eating dinner and going on our nightly deer run. We saw tons of deer and so many babies.

That night, we were sitting outside as we watched the full blood moon rise. Apparently Mars was right next to it, and you could totally tell from the red glow.

Saturday morning, we watched the humming birds fight over their feeder. I love sitting out here in the mornings, because there are about ten birds that always go crazy over this sugar water.

As soon as everyone was ready, we headed down to Duck Creek Days to check it out. We got the kids all new blankets (our annual tradition), and they had fun going down some bouncy slides.

We also ate some delicious food while we were there, including fried cookie dough.

Isaac and Alex are idiots and tased each other while we were hanging out on the patio.

While dinner was cooking, we watched the chipmunks eat out of their feeder, and Perry loved them.

We played for a bit and then headed down to the grass to let the kids kick around a soccer ball.

Perry trying to take care of Ava and make sure she didn't put toys in her mouth was hilarious.

We went on our nightly deer run after dinner, and it was awesome. They were everywhere, and the babies were adorable. I made sure to bring my good camera this time.

Back at the cabin, we made s'mores in honor of our last night up there.

As usual, we had a blast at the cabin. It's such a nice break from the heat, and we really needed that long weekend to relax and gear up for what's to come. School starts in just a couple of weeks along with both girls in soccer, and Grace is trying out for cheerleading at school this year. 

Perry sang to us the whole way home, and had us dying of laughter by the end of the ride.

She napped for hours when we got home, while I unpacked and did loads and loads of laundry.

Thanks for having us up at the cabin this week, Mom. I say this every single time, but we can't wait to go back!

See ya next week :)

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