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Picture of the Week: Escaping the Heat at Mount Charleston

Grandma Sunshine took the girls to Mount Charleston on Monday to celebrate Grace's birthday. They had a picnic and kicked around a soccer ball. It was a nice escape from the heat, and the girls had so much fun!

That night, we made sausage and peppers for dinner, and Perry loved to watch them bake in the oven.

She has been obsessed with Baby Shark lately, and the rest of us are so over it.

We got to school early almost every day this week and had to wait in the car for it to open. We passed the time by playing with face filters on my phone.

Perry brought home the cutest Fourth of July handprint and colored an American flag for us to hang on the fridge.

Charley made this video where you are supposed to do something to earn points. She couldn't figure it out and got so mad at the end. Isaac and I watched this over and over, laughing harder each time.

We celebrate the Fourth of July at the Westin pool with our friends, and followed our day of fun in the sun up with fireworks in our neighborhood.

We made more videos in the car before school on Thursday.

Poppa and Gran came over for dinner, and the girls taught them all about face filters.

Perry randomly got sick Friday night and started coughing and throwing up with a terrible runny nose. We hung out at home Saturday, and she napped the day away.

She randomly woke up that evening feeling totally fine and back to normal. It was the weirdest thing. We watched a UFC fight, and she was so funny with her commentary.

Sunday, the girls wrestled with Daddy while getting ready to head to the splash pad.

They had fun running and jumping through the water until the lightning and thunder got too bad, and we had to leave.

We stopped in the grocery store to grab a few things, and Perry stole this apple and ate it while we shopped.

When we got home, the girls and I made my Grandma's lemon dribble cake. They loved mixing it up and of course, licking the bowl clean.

We had a nice relaxing week hanging out at home after the past few super busy weeks. It was a nice change of pace.

That's all for now.

See ya next week!

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