Last Week...

Picture of the Week: Making Breakfast with Daddy

Perry watched Care Bears on her iPad, while chillin' in her Care Bear bed.

She wore panties to school for the very first time! Fully potty trained, here we come!!

Charley made a weird alien video again. She just can't figure out why she's in outer space.

We drove to school, and Charley said the sunrise looked just like a painting.

Perry wore her "Goden Knight shoes" to school and continued to do well on the potty.

We tried out a new braid in Char's hair, and while it didn't turn out as planned, it was still super cute.

Grace discovered that she could post and send videos on SnapChat. Every time I set my phone down, she would grab it and take off to hide and send everyone in our family videos. These are two of my favorites.

I got this Potty Chart in Perry's folder at the end of the week, and she did pretty good at school.

We met Charley's friend, Vivianne, from school at the splash pad after work on Friday. They had so much fun splashing around and going down the big slides. We even ran into Grace's 2nd grade teach, and she was SO happy to see her.

It was windy and rainy Saturday morning, and the girls wanted to ride their bikes outside.

It didn't last long, because the wind got really bad. We decided to go back-to-school shopping at the mall instead. The girls picked out backpacks and got cute new shoes. All that shopping really wore Perry out, and she passed out on the way home. She didn't wake up when we took her out of the car, so we let her sleep.

After being windy all day long, it finally started to rain. It only sprinkled, but the wind finally stopped, so we went outside to play.

The girls and I colored with chalk and made a pretty rainbow. Then a real rainbow appeared in the sky!

The Sebastians came out, too, and the kids all had fun having bike races, hula hoop contests, and playing a game of basketball. In a family full of girls, it's so fun to have built-in brothers across the street.

Sunday morning, Daddy was making breakfast, and Charley wanted to help. It didn't take long before everyone wanted a turn cracking eggs, and Daddy taught them all how to do it.

I spent most of the day cleaning out one of the empty rooms upstairs. We've basically just been throwing clothes in there as the girls out grew them, so I sorted them all by size, folded them, and packaged them away in vacuum sealed bags. Perry hung out with me, and she insisted on wearing her old jacket and loved playing with Mommy's old pom poms.

It was super hot outside, and the girls wanted to jump on the trampoline. Daddy got the hose out, and they had a blast getting soaked as they jumped around.

Perry wanted down, so Daddy filled up her water table for her. We looked over after a minute, and she had climbed up and was sitting in it.

I hopped on the trampoline to jump with the girls and they soaked me with the hose.

We had a fun, productive week and are all getting excited about school started in just a couple of weeks!

See you next week!

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