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Picture of the Week: Evening Family Walks Are the Best

Grace had an orthodontist appointment on Monday where we found out that we needed to keep turning her expander for another three weeks. Perry and Charley made friends in the waiting room, while they waited for Gracie.

That night I asked Perry how much she loved me, and her reply was, "4".

After work on Tuesday, we went for a walk up the hill to the water tower. It was storming around us, and there was a pretty rainbow that kept getting brighter as we went.

This hill is so tough. We definitely have a love/hate relationship with it. The kids only went half way and then stopped to watch me go by myself.

Charley went back to the hill with me on Wednesday and went all the way to the top this time.

We played outside on Thursday, and Perry wanted to ride her scooter. She loves to play on this thing and asks every time we get home, "can I play outside for a yittle bit?".

When we went inside, we worked on colors, and I was surprised that Perry knew them all so well.

We had some friends over for game night on Saturday, and we grilled hot dogs and hamburgers while the kids played.

We played Pictionary and did girls versus boys. We had so much fun and laughed SO hard.



(Bed and Breakfast)

(Supreme Court)

We were sitting there playing when it started pouring rain all of the sudden. We went outside to see lightning and listen to the thunder. I love monsoon season, because we get random thunderstorms almost daily.

Perry fell asleep quickly that night after being worn out from playing with her buddies.

I caught Charley and Perry laying on the couch singing together, and it was so sweet.

The girls went over to Grandma Espejo's to swim, so I got to relax and enjoy a quiet bath all to myself.

That's all for now! See ya next week.

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Last Week...

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