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Picture of the Week: Grace and Char at UNLV Soccer Camp

Two of my friends' kids are in Perry's class now, and she loves playing with her new buddies, Luke and Beckham, at school.

Grace and Charley started UNLV Soccer Camp on Monday. They basically go for half days on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I was a little nervous to drop them off, but they had a lot of fun, despite the heat.

Perry brought home the cutest hand print giraffe on Monday. The hand print crafts are my favorite.

She made lots of phone calls and just kept yelling "hellloooo?".

She fell asleep snuggled up next to me, while I watched TV that night.

Tuesday was back to soccer camp for the girls. There is just a huge field, and they break the kids up into age groups to do drills and scrimmage. The girls liked it much better the second day after they knew what to expect.

I picked them up at noon each day, and they spent the afternoon at my office. They spent a lot of time playing on their iPads and making videos like this one.

I got to play with Perry in the kitchen, since Gracie made dinner that night. She did a great job, and we enjoyed her Teriyaki Chicken and Asparagus. We followed it up with berries for dessert.

Perry sang You Are My Sunshine, and it melted me to pieces. She's so cute.

We tried the ABC's afterwards, but this kid has Baby Shark in her head at all times. She had me cracking up as she mixed the two songs up, and then stopped herself when she caught it.

Nick picked the girls up from school on Thursday so they could go to Easton's birthday party. They had so much fun. Thanks so much for taking them, guys! We have the best neighbors ever.

We went to I Love Sushi for dinner on Friday, which is Grace's favorite place ever. It was delicious, and we had fun laughing at the girls' funny faces after we ate.

Saturday morning, we took the girls to Downtown Summerlin. We were going to see a movie, but we had some time to kill, so we stopped in at City National Arena. They had a rookie camp going on with a scrimmage that was supposed to be closed to the public (except for ten year season ticket holders). They let us in, and we loved watching the guys play for a bit. Grace liked that they came out to the Knights intro song, and Charley loved when they hit the glass right in front of us. We also signed the big banner out front while we were there.

It was finally time for our movie, and we grabbed some popcorn and snacks. The girls loved Incredibles II, and so did we. It was super cute.

After the movie, the Gerfys met us at Dave and Busters for some game time fun. Perry loved racing the cars, and we all rode the new Jurassic Park Virtual Reality ride, which was amazing.

That night, the girls spent the night at Grandma's, while we had a date night with Matt and Frannie. We tried out Black Tap, and it was delicious.

We decided to start working on potty training really hard on Sunday, and Isaac got Perry the cutest little potty. She loved it, and went in it right away.

Chance posted on Twitter and included this sweet picture of Perry sleeping with her Chance doll.

Auntie Elisha took Grace and Charley swimming at GVR with her cousins, and they had so much fun.

I did tons of laundry and cleaned the house, while Isaac and Perry napped the day away.

That's all for now.

See ya next week!

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Last Week...

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