Last Week...

...Grace smothered Charley in kisses:

...we goofed off at home while waiting for Daddy to get off work:

...Linzi, Stefanie, and Presley met us for dinner at Johnny Mac's to catch up. Charley fell asleep on the way and was kind of cranky/tired/teething the whole time (so fun). It was so good to see Linzi, though. She's pregnant and was totally glowing:

...I snapped a few shots of the babies when I woke up, because Charley always wakes up with this goofy smile, while Grace hates waking up and looked so angelic just sleeping there. I can't help myself:

...Grace had what may be her final swim lesson. Girl is good in the pool, and we're totally ready for gymnastics now that she's almost three. Charley had fun watching, too:

...Charley's actual first birthday fell on Tuesday. She got a balloon from school again, since they already celebrated her birthday a week early by mistake:

...we celebrated at home with cupcakes from The Cupcakery. She wasn't impressed, so she had a popsicle instead:

...Charley read Mommy a book before bed:

...she woke up with her usual big smiley faces:

...we went to Jason's Deli for dinner where Char tried chocolate milk for the first time and loved it:

...the girls both snuggled in bed with me. I was feeling extra sentimental since Charley turned a year old and wanted to spend every second with them this week:

Charley woke up hot, so I took her shirt off and then she got extra comfy:

...Isaac and his dad started working out together in our garage every morning a few weeks ago. He snapped this picture of the girls and I one morning when he came in to shower:

...Daddy gave Charley a sucker when Elisha dropper her off at the office on Friday, and she loved it:

(Total big girl status right there!)

...she colored in the car (one of her favorite things to do):

...Grace shared her snowcone with sister:

...we made Skinny Taste Bruschetta (skipped the chicken) for dinner, and it was delicious:

...Grace and I shared a Snickers Ice Cream Bar:

...we got Slurpees and Charley slept while Grace sang and danced to her current favorite song, Downtown by Lady Antebellum:

...we hung out by the pool all day Saturday with Matt and Frannie. The boys danced to Danza Kuduro, and we all took tequila shots to celebrate their recent engagement:

Yay!! Congrats again, guys!

...we all watched the Mayweather fight back at our place, and Charley was pooped from her first real pool day:

...the crazy hair lady brushed her teeth on Sunday morning:

...we had breakfast at The Coffee Cup where Charley read books while Grace made and destroyed creamer castles:

...we went to O'Callahan Park again to play on the slides and swings:

...after we wore out the swings, we headed over to watch the baseball game that was going on. The girls loved it, and Grace even cheered for the wrong team:

...we went grocery shopping where I got thee BEST candies of all time:

...all of that playing really wore Daddy out, so he and Charley took a nap when we got home:

...she practiced drinking water out of her sippy cup:

...the girls read books and played with stickers:

See ya next week :)

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