Tea Party

Chelsea Robbins is one of the most creative, beautiful, talented photographers ever.

Whenever we need some pictures taken, she's our go to gal.

Since Charley was turning a year old and Grace was nearing the three year mark, we decided some new family photos were in order.

For Charley's baby shower, we had our closest family and friends paint different pieces of a tea set that the girls could have as they got older. (How perfect that each piece would be painted by one of the important people in their lives?!) I had this idea to have a tea party with the girls and their favorite treats, and have Chelsea there to work her magic. She decided on Nelson's Landing for the location, and we were all set.

It was so fun, and of course Chelsea captured some amazing shots and memories for us to treasure forever.

While we were there, we also took some direction from her and ended up with these amazing photographs of our family.

I cannot compliment her talent enough. I love every picture she takes, even when they are of other people's families. Thank you so much, Chels! We are so thankful to have had you take so many of our pictures throughout the years.

Check out her blog here.
(You can also find her on Facebook here.)

And now...on to the pictures:

Thanks again, Chelsea! I'm so in love with every single picture and cannot wait to cover every wall in my house with them <3

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