Girly Girl

Char Char is thirteen months old.

 We've been so busy lately, that her first birthday party seems like it was months ago.

Charley is 29.5 inches tall and 21 pounds.

She is fully in size 12-18 months now, though she still wears her favorite 6-12 month clothes, because they still fit (barely).

She wears size 3-4 in shoes. She's literally in that between phase where threes are too small and fours are too big.

She is learning how to talk pretty well.

She says thank you, uh-oh, go, dada, mama, Grace (she recently started calling her Gigi), doggie, and she calls my mom's dog Koda dah dah (not like dada).

She also knows where to find your nose, and calls is a "gose".

Baby doll's canines finally made their final appearance and seem to be settled in for good. Luckily, there were no side effects this time around. Thank goodness that diaper rash never returned! That makes sixteen tiny teeth now.

She has started liking movies and TV a little more. Rollie Pollie Ollie is a favorite show, and she lights up at the sight of anything Mickey Mouse. She also watches Tangled with Grace a lot. It's been on non-stop since our return from Disneyland along with Brave.

My little doll baby is a total girly girl. She doesn't like getting dirty, and loves to play with her Little People princesses.

Her sister is her best friend, and she'll follow her anywhere and try to do anything that Gracie does.

Her favorite thing to do is climb into Grace's bed and play/jump with her.

She is getting curious about the potty, so I think it's time to buy her one to get familiar with. We starting introducing Grace around this age but didn't really start potty training until she was eighteen months.

At least once a day, Isaac or I say, "isn't it crazy how big she is?" It's so insane how fast these little ones grow.

Thirteen months is such a fun age! It's so exciting trying to teach Char new words and watch her vocabulary grow.

We love you little stink. You're so much fun to have around, and we couldn't imagine one day without your silly little grin being the first thing we see each morning.

Happy Thirteen Months, Chawdgey!!

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