Ahoy! It's a Boy

Saturday, May 25th, was Geni and Chad's "baby shower" for little Chase.

It wasn't really a baby shower but more of a barbecue for all of their family and friends to celebrate the upcoming arrival of their little boy.

My mom is pretty crafty and decorated the whole thing in blue and yellow with a nautical theme per Geni's request.

It was the perfect color combo for baby Chase since those are the colors of his nursery.
Ahoy! It's a boy.
We got there about an hour early to help with any last minute things that needed to be put together.
Since most of it was already done, we just hung out visiting with friends.

Before the shower started, my sister gave me a gift and asked me to be her Maid of Honor when she gets married next May. Of course I said yes!
Once the guests started arriving, we all hung out by the pool catching up and enjoying each other's company.
There weren't any traditional games at this baby shower, but there were a couple of fun activities for everyone.
First was a crate of books for everyone to write in. This way Chase would know who was at his shower and have a few extra words of wisdom when reading bed time stories.
Next was a giant bottle for current parents to leave messages or parenting tips for the new parents-to-be.
My favorite was a face collage. There were pictures of Geni and Chad's hair, eyes, nose, mouth, and chin. Guests were to piece them together to make a picture of what they thought baby Chase would look like.

Here is my picture. I really hope he has blond hair (and Geni curls it like this).
Soon, the food was ready. My stepadad, Rick, had one of his good friends cook up some barbecue for the event, and it was delicious. Mom made some sweet tea and lemonade to go with it.
Grace was more interested in the fruit.
One of Geni's best friends, Jillia, flew in from Alaska to surprise her. It was so good to see her.
The final non-traditional activity was chugging beer from baby bottles (of course it was).
Baby Chase was showered with tons of gifts. He's already spoiled!
After all that partying, Charley was ready for a nap. Grace took care of her when she got tired.
Cutest big sister award!
Congratulations to Geni and Chad. We are so excited to meet baby Chase and continue to shower him with love.

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