Easter Eggs

We've been planning to go to Newport Beach for Easter weekend for months now.

Since this was going to be Grace's first Easter (and Isaac and I are both kids at heart), we knew we had to dye Easter eggs before we left.

I called up my dad and invited him and Ellie over to join in on the fun.

We started out with Port of Subs for lunch while waiting for the eggs to boil.

Next, we got the colored dye all ready.

We used vinegar for bright colors, lemon juice for traditional colors, and water for pastels.

They turned out awesome, and the eggs finished cooling off just in time.

Grace was getting tired of waiting, but Poppa and Gran did a great job of keeping her entertained:

She really enjoyed the pop out circles from the dye box:

We put the eggs in the dye and waited (for what seemed like forever) for them to change colors:

Grace and Ca$h played in the jumpy while the rest of us dyed the eggs:

Poppa made a Chargers egg and showed Grace how to hold it very carefully so she wouldn't squish it:

Then she dropped it, and it broke anyways:

When we were all finished, Grace played with her "G" egg, and I stole some kisses:

We had a lot of fun dying eggs for the first time with Gracie and spending the day with Poppa and Gran.

Now we're just looking forward to our Newport trip next week!


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