Heritage Days

Since Grace had such a great time at the St. Patty's Day Parade, we decided we'd venture down to Water Street for the Heritage Days parade.

I remember Heritage Days when I was younger.

The City of Henderson would put on a big fair, have a beauty pageant at Burkholder, a car show and parade on Water Street, and a chili cook-off in Timet Field.

I guess it's gotten a little smaller nowadays, because there was only a parade and a car show.

Even though we missed the chili cook-off, we still had a great time.

We knew it was going to be a hot day, so we came prepared with sun screen and shorts!

The parade started at around 10 am which was perfect since that's when we got there.

Once again, Grace had a blast.

She was very interested in some miniature cars that drove by:

There were some awesome regular sized cars, too:

We saw some HuGe horses:

And even some old Highway Patrol cars from when Henderson was first started:

(Imagine this chasing you down to pull you over...SO cool!!)

Daddy even got Grace (and Olivia) a sparkly wand to wave at the floats:

I think she had the most fun when we went to take a break in the grass in front of City Hall.

She kept poking Daddy with the wand and laughing at him:

I tried teaching her how to swirl it around:

But she couldn't really get the hang of it:

She did not like the grass AT ALL

Every time we'd try to put her down she'd hold her legs up in the air. 

When we finally sat her down, she was not happy:

So we stood her back up, gave her a kiss, and she was all smiles again:

After a nice break, we headed back out into the sun, and Kasie and Jeremy came and met up with us.

We went to check out the car show, and Kasie's grandpa had the most beautiful Mustang there:

Isaac has been bugging me about getting a 1962 Impala (his new dream), so he was stoked when he actually saw one there. The guy told him that the car was his "wife and kids". Apparently, you can't have both:

Kasie and I really liked this car. It was definitely my fav:

Another favorite of mine was this candy apple red car with flames. It had coke bottles instead of knobs on the inside and even some rockin' rims:

It was such a beautiful day to spend outside that we followed up the parade and car show with a pool day.

Kasie and I soaked up the sun, while Jeremy and Isaac played some golf.

Gracie played with some water toys and then napped with Grammy.

It was the perfect way to kick off the warm weather we have ahead of us, and we were glad to spend time with the (soon-to-be) Unertls!

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