Best Friends and the Ocean

Two years ago, we went to Newport for Easter.

Since we didn't have a baby back then, it was a pretty crazy weekend.

We talked to our friends that made the trip last time and decided that it was time for a repeat.

All of us figured out our schedules and planned to head to California.

Kasie and Jeremy found a nice little beach house for the five of us to rent, and we booked it.

If this trip was going to be anything at all like the last one, we knew we'd need someone to help out with Gracie.

Isaac called his mom, and she was delighted to join us.

All of us took off work on Friday so we could enjoy some extra time down there.

We left that morning and couldn't wait to get there.

As soon as we arrived, we unloaded the cars and headed straight for the beach.

My cousins have a beach house in Newport, and they happened to be there that weekend as well.

Isaac thought it'd be a good idea to walk over to see them (even though it was 2.6 miles away).

We all agreed since we could walk along the boardwalk and enjoy the ocean at the same time:

When we finally arrived, Grace got to meet all of her cousins and really enjoyed playing with Jace and his trucks:

After hanging out for a while, we got a ride back to our rental and cooked up some carne asada for dinner.

We spent the rest of the night relaxing and talking amongst each other.

Grace wasn't exactly the easiest baby to get to sleep that night.

She wasn't sure where we were at and just wanted her (our) own bed.

After she screamed for about half an hour, she finally passed out.

The next morning, we got up and got ready for our beach day.

The beach happened to be about ten seconds from our rental, so we were super excited to lay out and put our toes in the sand.

Grace even brought a baby cabana to hang out in:

Although, she didn't last too long in there.

She wanted to see what this sand stuff was all about.

Grace wasn't too sure about it.

She did NOT like to touch the sand or feel it on her feet, so we didn't have to worry about her eating it:

(Such a prissy girl!!)

However, she did love to play in it with her shovel and throw it ALL over:

I put some ocean water in her bucket, and she liked splashing around in it:

And she had a snack while watching the waves roll in:

Since she liked watching the ocean so much, I decided we should try to put her in it.

As the waves came towards us, she couldn't contain her excitement:

But she cried when I let the water touch her feet.

After that, Isaac and Jeremy headed up to the pier to find a frisbee.

They came back with a yummy smoothie that Grace would not put down:

Grandma Lisa held her while the frisbee got tossed around:

Then, we headed over to the beach near my cousin's place to hang out with all of them.

Kasie and Jeremy soaked up some sun:

And so did we:

Matt and Frannie played on the beach:

Grace and Grandma watched the boys jumping into the waves:

While us girls watched from the shore:

Then we wrote Grace's name in the sand:

When late afternoon rolled around, Grace was definitely ready for a nap:

So we headed back to the beach house to rest up for the night:

We had the most amazing day with our best friends and the ocean.

Really, you couldn't ask for anything more.

(Stay tuned for more from our Newport Trip!)

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