Pretty Impressive

Grandma Lisa called this week and wanted to take us to see the botanical garden at The Bellagio.

We hadn't seen her in a few weeks (except for a quick visit last Saturday), so we were all for it.

Isaac and I had never been, and we love taking Grace to new places.

She is seriously an amazingly behaved baby (we're SO lucky), so it's nice to take her on outings like these.

When we got there, the first thing that caught my eye was Jean-Phillipe Patisserie (obviously).

They hold the Guinness World Record for the World's Largest Chocolate Fountain:

(Don't you just want to lay under it with your mouth WIDE open?!)

It was unbelievable!

Grace and I had to get a closer view:

When Lisa arrived, we ventured over to the garden to and couldn't believe the smell.

The entire area of the hotel smelled of beautiful, fresh flowers.

Grace's favorite was the big tree with the butterflies around it:

They also had a really cool butterfly habitat.

On the way inside, you walk over a bridge with water features:

Inside, the butterflies were loving some oranges that had been left out for them:

There were so many different types with all kinds of colors:

Grace was hypnotized:

I really couldn't get over the vibrant colors of the flowers.

They change the themes out every season, but I can't imagine it getting any better than spring.

The tulips were amazing:

And these purple flowers, too:

There was a ferris wheel set up in one corner:

And a merry-go-round in the other:

On the other side, there was a painting:

If you look closely, the whole thing was made out of plant material:

That's pretty impressive!!

Another display that really caught my eye was these bird nests that were made of eggshells:

(I would totally love to have these in my backyard!)

After checking out the garden, we went into an art gallery that had some of the most spectacular sculptures I've ever seen.

Check out the detail:

Don't worry. We didn't buy any. They were in the range of twenty-eight THOUSAND dollars.

Next up was lunch, where Grace chewed on some straws and got kisses from Grandma:

After some delicious chicken wraps and club sandwiches, we headed back to the dessert shop to indulge in a bit of sweetness.

It was all decorated for Easter:

We enjoyed some AmAziNg cheesecake and Nutella mousse as we people watched above the terrace:

And then made one last stop before heading home:

Grandma couldn't resist introducing Grace to Tiffany's for the first time.

She was sure to point out everything she wanted to Daddy...her first birthday is coming so soon.

If you've never been to this side of the Bellagio, I highly recommend it.

Although you may want to wait until they finish their seasonal change for summer, since I've pretty much given you a tour of their spring displays.

I couldn't resist.

It was too beautiful not to take a thousand pictures.

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