This Week...

...we went to Grandma and Poppa's to visit, and Grace got to ride around in Grandma's wheelchair:

...Femme Fatale (Britney Spears' new album) finalllllly came out, and I stopped to get it first thing after work. Grace was super stoked:

...Poppa taught Grace how to walk with a walker the second time we went over there to visit this week:

...Grace discovered Ca$h's crate and tried to play inside of it:

...she also played in her jumper while Ca$h looked on. She really loves this thing. Especially because there's a little spot for snacks, so she gets to eat Fruit Puffs every time she plays in it! She's such a spaz:

...Ca$h gave Grace lots of kisses:

(check out those curls!!)

...Grace discovered Ca$h's water bowl. It's her new favorite thing. I put her as far away from it as I can ALLLL the way across the living room, and she crawls right back to it. Ca$h now has to go outside to get a drink:

...I got a pretty cool new way to protect our family.

...we played out in the back yard and enjoyed some beautiful weather.

...Isaac and I weeded and cleaned up the front and back yards. We pulled out some old, dead plants and replaced them with pretty rose bushes:

...Grace enjoyed watching us work:


Grace took her very first TWO steps. She'll be walking in no time. She can stand on her own for a few seconds before falling down to crawl. I'll try to get it on video for next week!

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