This Week...

...Grace started to enjoy snuggling again. For the first month after she was born, she would sleep on my chest all the time. It was the sweetest thing ever until she reached two months of age and wanted to lay down by herself. This past week, she has started to cuddle with me again, and let me just tell you...I AM LOVING IT!!

...I snapped some pictures of Grace just as she was waking up from a long night's sleep. She couldn't keep her eyes open because she was still so tired:

...Grace discovered a high-pitched scream and does it every time she gets excited:

...she also learned to point and enjoyed using this new skill to "talk back":

...Grace got her very own popsicle. I found some new ones at the store called Mighty Minis. They are little and take a long time to melt. I guess we'll never know if that claim is true, because Grace ate it in about ten seconds:

...we took our long awaited trip to Newport and it was perfect (you can read about it HERE and HERE).

...we celebrated Easter (partially in Newport and then again at home).

Although it was great to take a vacation with our friends, it made for one busy week.

We were running around everywhere trying to make sure we had everything in order.

It's nice to be home and to get back to our regular schedule.

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