Fun in the Sun

This week, we had some amazingly beautiful weather.

We're talking nineties!!

It was so nice, that we couldn't help but go outside and play every afternoon.

Even Ca$h got in on the fun in the sun:

Grace got to wear one of her new summer hats:

Which she naturally hated, and kept pulling off:

She also wasn't too sure about sitting on a sheet. Her and Ca$h both kept trying to pull it up:

Lately, after she claps, she does this thing with her hands like she's saying, "I don't know!"

(soooo cute!)

She thinks it's pretty funny to tell the puppy what to do (although it's more like yayadadadadayaya). I caught a picture of her yelling at him:

She doesn't always yell though. He also gets some sweet little looks:

That lip killlllls me:

We are definitely looking forward to many more days like this as summer approaches!

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