Summer Nights

Saturday was a hot one, so we decided to blow up a couple of pools that Gracie got for her birthday to cool off.
We invited the Sebastians over, grabbed some burgers, brats, and grapefruit margaritas from the store, and had a blast.
The kids loved playing on the slide and went on it over and over again:

When the sun started going down, and it cooled off a bit, they decided to play with some gigantic bubbles:
Baby J hung out inside while we finished getting the food ready. He's so good and just hung out playing with some of Charley's toys without making a peep:
We ate dinner, and then Charley woke up from a pretty long nap. She wanted to get in the pool right away when she saw what was going on. She even tried the slide out:
When we were all finished eating, we tried making fairies in a jar (while the kids ate some delicious orange creamsicle cookies that Shelly made). She found it on Pinterest, and it looked so cool.
It took a while, but we cut up glow sticks and put the "glow" into some jars - obviously, we had way too much fun doing so.
They didn't turn out quite as awesome as we had hoped.
(Pinterest FAIL.)
It was cool, though. We were in the midst of EDC weekend, so we used the glow sticks for other partying in the dark in the back yard.
We even got to enjoy the Super Moon (that actually looked like the sun).
Summer nights are the best! Especially when you get to share them with the best people.
We can't wait to barbecue with the Sebastians again soon!

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